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    I am posting after a loooong time here. Just wanted to share how to efficiently note down chord notations.
    I have mentioned same on my website at
    Some songs have old way of notations which I don't prefer i.e, with lyrics and Chord notation on top.
    But for few songs which I recently updated have newer way which I have been following using bar chart 4 bar boxes for 16 matras. 1.JPG?attredirects=0

    If any of you have a better way of jotting down notations please do share.

    Snippet from the site:

    All chords noted here will fall on beat of the song.
    Idea is to play the chords along with the original song without any break except when there are real pauses within the song.
    Beats will continue to progress unless there's an exception.

    Most of the songs listed here follow a pattern of 1,2,3,4. A chord at each beat.

    Ex: Think about the song.
    Papa Kehate hain bada naam karega

    It goes like
    (C) Papa Ke(Am)hate hain bada na(F)am kare(G)ga
    (C)Beta Hu(Am)ara aisa ka(F)am kare(G)ga

    Magar ye(C) to (C) koi na ja(Am)ane (Am)
    Ke meri (F)Manzil(F) hain kah(G)aan (G)

    So chord chart will be
    C Am F G C Am F G
    C C Am Am F F G G

    This is the image of Aane wala pal (chords). I would make more of these as time passes by for more songs. 1.JPG?attredirects=0

    Hope you guys will enjoy it.


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