poove Sempoove from Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu (Tamil song)

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    poove Sempoove from Solla Thudikkithu Manasu (Tamil song)

    I came across an old thread about starting a tamil tab section here. Are there any plans for doing that now? Heres a small tamil tab for starters, to see if the response is good.
    This is the opening picking part of the song "Poove Sempoove" from the movie Solla Thudikkithu Manasu (quite old movie). Play the first 2 bars about 4 times, and 3-6 once, then bars 1 and 2 again twice. Then the singing starts, and the picking in the background is similar, with some variations. If you like tamil tabs, post your opinions, ask for more. I'm sure there are lots of tamil guitarists out there who know lots of songs.

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  2. Natasia

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    hey dude... aswwwooommeeee work... me will try out the tabs n let u know how they sound.... i can't think of any specific songs to request for right now.... though it would be nice if u could keep posting tam tabs from time to time.... thnxxx a tonn again... :) :) :) .......
  3. bornscorpio77

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    Hey Ananth,

    Can you plsss....plssss send " Valli - Ennule ennule " Tabs (in your format :)
    its awesome piece by Maestro !!

  4. ananth222

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    Hi scorpio,
    welcome to IGT! Glad to see another raja fan!
    When requesting a song, pls post it as a new thread, with
    REQ: (Song Name) - (Movie Name)
    in the subject.
    I've posted the tabs for ennulle in a new thread, check it out
    have fun!
  5. Raju

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    i tried playing this tab.
    i have not got it fully but feels good when i am playing.
    i am fan of illayaraja. :nw:
    Will be good if many of his songs get posted.
  6. ranggi

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    thanks bro. i like the way u send the tabs..really good for beginner like me..thanks.bye.
  7. Seelan

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    hmm ananth , can post the chords for the song as well ???

    the tabs are excellent :)
  8. sshriyan

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    poove sempoove From solla thudikkuthu manasu - Chord

    song - poove sempoove
    singer - KJY
    music - IR
    film - solla thudikkuthu manasu
    lyrics - vaali

    D D D G
    pUvE sempUvE un vAsam varum
    D D D G
    vAsal en vAsal un pUngkAvanam
    A Dm A G
    vAy pEsidum pullAngkuzal
    A Dm A Dm G
    nIthAnoru pUvin madal


    D D D G
    nizal pOla nAnum nadai pOda nIyum
    D G A
    thodarkinRa sontham nedungkAla pantham
    D D D G
    kadal vAnam kUda niRam mARak kUdum
    D G A
    nAn koNda pAsam thadam mARidAthu
    C F G F C
    nAn vAzum vAzvE unakkAkaththAnE
    C F G F C
    nAL thORum nenjsil nAn Enthum thEnE
    A A A
    ennALum sangkItham santhOshamE

    vAy pEsidum pullAngkuzal
    nIthAnoru pUvin madal


    unaippOla nAnum oru piLLai thAnE
    palar vanthu konjsum kiLip piLLai nAnE
    unaippOla nALum malar sUdum peNmai
    vithi ennum nUlil viLaiyAdum pommai
    nAn seytha pAvam ennOdu pOkum
    nI vAznthu nAnthAn pArththAlE pOthum
    ennALum ennALum ullAsamE
    vAy pEsidum pullAngkuzal
    nIthanoru pUvin madal

  9. Seelan

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    hmmm i tried it but i feel that it aint accurate enough .. hmmm i maybe wrong , but can someone help to edit the chords as I feel it was somesort there .. i aint too good with chords..
  10. sshriyan

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  11. rja2kor

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    hello new to this group
  12. yourdreamhunter

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    hi am newbie, start learning 2 months back, now trying to learn chords, could you please help me to play those chords? string, position pattern etc? Pls help
  13. yamahac40

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    Hi Good work.. Could you give strummong pattern also
  14. vicky3103

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    please do post it for me

    did you get the song" Valli - Ennule ennule " Tabs
  15. Ashyantony7

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    actually.. Gm suits better than G in the part.. vai pesidum pullanguzhal..

    A Dm A Gm
  16. suresh3v

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    You can get notes for many songs in the below website. Chect it.
    It also has a inbuilt converter which converts notes from classic to western
  17. sanaibanez

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    D D D G
    puve sempuve un vasam varum
    D D D G
    vasal en vasal un pungkavanam
    A Dm A Gm
    vay pesidum pullangkuzal
    A Dm A D
    nithanoru puvin madal


    D D D G
    nizal pola nanum nadai poda niyum
    D G A D
    thodarkinra sontham nedungkala pantham
    D D D G
    kadal vanam kuda niram marak kudum
    D G A D
    nan konda pasam thadam maridathu
    C F C F
    nan vazum vazve unakkakaththane
    C F C F
    naL thorum nenjsil nan enthum thene
    A A A D
    ennaLum sangkitham santhoshame

    A Dm A Gm
    vay pesidum pullangkuzal
    A Dm A D
    nithanoru puvin mada
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