Po Nee Po SCREAM OF LOVE REMIX-Guitar Tab pls!!!!!

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  1. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member

    Im still a begineer guitarist...
    I need your help...
    Can post the tab for the song Po Nee Po SCREAM OF LOVE ReMix
    HEres the link
    Po Nee Po REMIX - The Scream of Love - YouTube
    I need d tab esp d solo part...
    N also the chords in it...
    Advance Thanks guys...
  2. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    The song's on E minor..

    E5 022xxx
    D5 5577xx
    C5 3355xx
    G5 355xxx
    A5 577xxx

    I'm posting from where the guitar starts..
    |E5|E5|E5|D5 C5| x2

    now the flute comes in

    for po nee po just strum E5

    unnale uyir vaalgiraen

    unnale uyir vaalgiraen,......

    for oh woho oh..


    po ne po

    for the last lead there are lots of bends ind vibrato


    I Know that looks weird... But I'm trying hard to interpret..

    / - slide
    ~- vibrato
    ^- bend to note
  3. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member

    Thanks 4 the chords bro...
    Just saw it...
    Will post a feedbck aftr trying...
    Thanks bro!
  4. Kannan Krish

    Kannan Krish New Member

    Hi bro... have you tried it....? What abt the solo part man....?

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