Pluto Jumbo Acoustic Guitar w/ Pickup and Equalizer [PLUTOJUMBOPICKUP]

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  1. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    The Pluto Jumbo Acoustic Guitar with pickup and 3 band equalizer is simply amazing. Pluto is the newest brand of imported acoustic guitars. Pluto guitars combine a visually striking 3-piece back design with many classic dreadnought features. Tonally, the rosewood back produces a strong bass, making it ideal for rhythm playing. The top is constructed of solid Sitka spruce and braced with scalloped 1/4' high-performance braces to deliver big, open tones. In terms of build quality and tonal quality, this guitar leaves Indian guitars far behind. It sounds as good as the entry-level Yamaha and Fender acoustic guitars, and that's saying a lot.

    In addition, this guitar has a built-in pickup and a 3 band equalizer. Just plug and play, get the exact tone you wanted, and forget all your tuning worries!

    Pluto Jumbo Acoustic Guitar w/ Pickup, Equalizer Specifications:

    * 3-piece rosewood back
    * Rosewood sides
    * Dreadnought body
    * Solid Sitka spruce top
    * Black and white rosette
    * 22-fret Rosewood fingerboard
    * White binding on fretboard and body
    * Built-in Pickup
    * Built-in Equalizer (3 band)

    this is the guitar i use, bought last February,. so far it's good, m satisfied wit it's output., chekout my photo albums for this guit's pic.,
  2. roofrider

    roofrider New Member much did ur pluto cost....n where did u buy it....?
    ...available in bangalore or chennai?
  3. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    roofrider.. not my fault.. i didnt get any notification for your reply.. tat's y hell late reply..

    well i bought it from my place (CBE) it came around 6700 and the shop owner is ma fren so he made 200 Rs discount and also got with bag.. now its price is 6900.

    but i'd prefer you to get Granada for 4500 and but a sticking pick up!!

    its available in chennai, bang, cochin everywhere.. slightly there will be some difference in prices.. not more than 300s

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