pls suggest a good place to repair/service electric guitars in mumbai

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by andy_maxman, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    could someone pls help me with folks who would service an electric guitar, change pick-ups...
  2. GeorgeBush

    GeorgeBush Banned

    well..u can do that if u get hold of rajesh @ furtados! he does all electric guitar mechanical work there!
  3. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    he does that in his own capacity? or i got to go thru furtados?
  4. GeorgeBush

    GeorgeBush Banned

    lol..u gotto go to furtados ..why t f would he come to you?! bombay a fast paced city ..everyones lazy! << einstein's theory
  5. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    where in mumbai do you live?
  6. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    pretty much mr. president...thanks for the help though....

    @jocelyn - i live in kandivali - e....some one here suggested Alberto Music in Malad -w... i plan to go there....
    you have any other place in mind? do let me know...thanks...

    btw - just curious to know....
    my current guitar has 3 single pickups...
    is it possible for me to switch that to HSH it a good idea?
    i'll try and post pictures of it...
  7. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    here is the picture....

    would changing the bridge help me in any form?

    i havent used this guitar for over a year now...
    what are the things i need to talk about when i go to a vendor asking to service it and change the pickups...?

    thanks for all the help...
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    If you insist on changin the pickups to HSH, you need to scoop out more wood from the body first.

    Then the luthier will put a new set of humbuckers at bridge and neck position.
    Ofcourse, since the Strat has 5way switch:
    If possible, go for humbuckers that have split coil tap.

    What that will ensure is that you can operate your humbucker like a single coil, with just a flick of 5 way switch.

    So you have these many endless possibilties in switching:
    1. Bridge Humbuker
    2. Bridge Single Coil (using the split coil tapping)
    3. Middle Single
    4. Neck Humbucker
    5. Neck Single coil (split tap)
    6. Bridge Hum + Middle
    7. Bridge Single + Middle
    8. Neck hum + Middle
    9. Neck single + Middle
    10. Bridge Hum + Neck Hum
    11. Bridge Hum + Neck Single
    12. Bridge Single + Neck Hum
    13. Bridge Single + Neck Single


    So you can choose any 5 configs out of those.

    Infact you can (actually should) put a second switch on your guitar so that you can enjoy all 13 of those configs.

    Or if you remove teh middle pickup entirely from the wiring (which is what I WOULD DO):
    1. Bridge Hummer
    2. Bridge Single
    3. Bridge Single + Neck Single
    4. Neck Single
    5. Neck Hummer

    And hey! You gotta change the pickguard plate also, if you are going for humbucker :)
    Anyway you need to tell luthier:
    1. Which pikcups to use and
    2. Wiring/switching - which configurations you want
  9. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    super sweet Alpha...thanks for taking the time out to help this littl n00b....

    hope you can help me further on...

    i do not want to spend more than 3500-4500 on this whole servicing thing....

    just to mention, my interest is in rock music
    so what options you suggest i go for?

    is there a way that my current pickups be recharged? / recoiled? or revitalised....? :)

    would i get some good pickups for that price...?

    what do you recommed?

    thanks for all the help...
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Ok man, I guess since you need to cut costs.

    Just get one humbucker.
    One humbucker on the bridge. (that itslef may set you back by Rs4-5K)
    If you go for some Korean ones, they may be cheaper.

    Rewidinding the coils may help, but actuallly why do you wanna go for a humbucker?
  11. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    frankly, i do not know....

    i assume humbuckers add extra power to the tonal qualtiy..?! but then what actually would a humbucker pick-up at the bridge do? add more crunch?

    not that my current guitar sounds bad...just that the guitar is about 7-8 years old...i thought the pickups would have got weak by now..hence the plans to re-coil....
  12. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    Ok since you live in Kandivali I highly recomend Albertos. He is good, he has worked on my vintage accoustic, twice . and has done a good restoration job. Regarding the pick ups. I suggest just changing the bridge for now, if you like the tone of of your neck pick ups stick wiith it. Picksup lose power, and get weak with time, but that actualy is over realy long period to make a lot of dif to the tone. One of my friends owns a vintage Egmond Les Paul made in 1963, It still has the stock pickups and it sounds realy good. When Picksups age they tend to give a mellower tone which is great for some people and bad for others. The best advice I can give you is if you like the tone stick with what you have. If you dont like it then think of changing, them. Also pickups can be recharged and rewound, but that would be expensive, and not worth the trouble unless you are getting it done from a person who is dedicated in making pickups. I personaly prefer a fat sound from the bridge and would pop a Humbucker in it, with a coil split switch to switch to a single coil tone. Since you are low in budget I recomend just change the bridge pick up to a hum that is if you want to. By the way I like your guitar.

    By the way what musci do you play?
  13. andy_maxman

    andy_maxman New Member

    hi jocelyn,
    thanks for the reponse...

    i guess i will take it to Alberto's and simply get it serviced for maintanence and loose connections...and if he suggests a change in pickups,....i'll contemplate...lets see...

    though i have not been playing for years together...i have always enjoyed being in *touch* with the guitar....its so bonding and feels at home....
    i play mostly for myself...and whatever comes to me...randomly playing things...

    given a chance...(actually a good ear) i would play rock music...

    what about you pal? where you put up and what do you do?
  14. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    ok I am more or less like you. I have changed the pick up on the Flying V that you can see, in my avtar/profile pic. ( its duncan JB) I did it my self it not too hard if you can handel a soldring Iron and are confident, I also changed the pots, my self. But I am sure a Pro would have done a better job. I dont recommend changing pickups unless you dont like the tone, or if you want a diff tone. A brige Humbuker will give you thicker, Warmer and Smother tones as compared to single coil in the bridge. Before cahnging to a humbuker go ahaed and try out a guitar with a humbuker in the bridge at Bhargavas or Furtaados and comapre that with a guitar like yours with asingle coil in the bridge and see the diff, if you like it you can go ahaed and change it. Anice PAF styled humbuker will macth the single coils well in terms of out put and tone.
  15. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    Ask the guitar tech to set up your guitar's intonation and the tremelo. Does the neck Buzz? If so tell him that. the pots might be crackling abit when you turn them as you have aid you have not used it for long, let him cheak that as well. ( tip you can spray a little WD40 just a little and cheak if the pots still crack.)
    I just noticed you posted another thread reargding a new guitar you wanted to buy, ( Ibanez?) . If you realy arnt playing too much and are just bed room player, most of the time ( like me). Dont Invest in another guitar if this one plays well and satisfies you. Honestly the low end Ibanez are not that great, so it is pointless investing in another low end guitar. I you realy wanna get another electric get a good one. We all have GAS and have to learn to keep that under control. I keep getting Gas al the time :) . If you like the tone of humbuker in the bridge get one installed, while changing the pots and switch, or vice versa ( i.e. change the pots and swithc while changing the pickup). a PAF styled pick up like The Dimarzio P.A.F and the Seymour Duncan 59 Model will sound nice with single coils in the ridge and middle. also PAF styled humbuckers sound good in almost most guitars.

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