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  1. Hey people, i am a newbie and i have tabbed this song....
    i don't know how good or bad it is, so please play it once if you can spare some time for it and please let me know if i have gone wrong any place or give any suggestions to improve it.... :think:

    Remember that i am a newbie, so be kind enough to go soft on the comments :eek::

    Maine Pyar Kiya - Mere Rang Me

    Mere rang mein rangne waali
    E -----33-35753---------------
    B 000-----------------------

    Pari ho ya ho pariyon ki rani
    E ----222-02320---------------
    B 00------------------------

    Ya ho meri prem kahaani
    E --000---020------------------
    B 0-----4-----4-----------------

    Mere savaalon ka jawaab do
    Do na....
    E 00-0-238-7537-------------
    B ----------------75-----------

    Bolo na kyon ye chaand sitaare
    E 7537-537-5355-------------
    B --------------------------

    Takte hain yoon mukhde ko tumhaare
    E 5325-325-3233-------------
    B --------------------------

    Chhooke badan ko hava kyon mehki
    E 3203-203-2022-------------
    B --------------------------

    Raat bhi hai kyu behki behki
    E 20---2-042---0-00-------------
    B ---4--------4---------------

    Mere savaalon ka jawaab do
    Do na

    E 00-0238-7537--------------
    B ---------------75------------

    Whats Welcome :
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    2) Points
  2. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member


    Awesome dude ! Enjoyed playing the tabs, sounded like original, thx for sharing
    Cheers !
  3. thanx for the appreciation buddy....
  4. hey pple,,,,
    if u try the tabs, thn pls do give ur feedback,,,,
    it wud really help.
  5. varooney

    varooney New Member

    yea man
    nice tabbin... sounds perfect
    good job man
  6. thanx buddy....
  7. no replyz pple....

    atleast tell me if u liked it ,,,,or atleast vote on the poll that i'v put....
  8. ojas25

    ojas25 New Member

    wow, sounds very girl gonna love it, thnx mate :)
  9. bandish

    bandish New Member

    g8 due awesome it sounds like original thnx
  10. thanx buddy,,,,
  11. rambo072

    rambo072 New Member

    thanks a lot buddy...sounds perfect
  12. tushar4guitar

    tushar4guitar New Member

    awesome.. dude.. thanx... keep posting.. reaaly good work.. atleast for beginers. as i am
  13. nikhil4u

    nikhil4u New Member

    Thats awesome!! Sounds perfect!!
  14. c___k

    c___k New Member

    I enjoyed playing it.

    But I think 'ya ho meri prem khani' tab is not that good.
    compare with
    e ---------------------------------------------
    b ---- 5-5-5-------------4-5-7-5-4---------
    g 2-2-----------------------------------------
  15. nanami

    nanami New Member

    tabs of ishq leta hai and asmaani rang ho from dill mill gayye

    plzzz post guitar tabs of asmaani rang ho and ishq leta hai from dill mill gayye...
  16. abhaip

    abhaip New Member

    Awesome.....gr8 work....keep going

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