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    hai frends, again i need ur help wid tis song,
    i hav posted the lyrics too, for ur easy work, do help me
    to find d chords,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Aval ulaga alagiyae,
    Nenjil viluntha aruviyae,
    Aval ulaga alagiyae,
    Nenjil viluntha aruviyae,
    Antha neela veliyilae,
    Nenju neenthu thudithathae,

    CHORUS 2:
    Or vaerillaamal, eerillaamal,
    Kannirandil kaadhal pootthathae,
    Or aidillaamal, elutthillaamal,
    Paadal ondru paarvai paartthathae,

    CHORUS 1
    (Male Vocalizing)

    Kanni pennai kaiyilae, violin pola ainthiyae,
    Vil illaamal, viralgalaalae meettuvaen,
    Inba raagam aenavendru kaattuvaen,
    Sooda sooda sugangalai,
    Kodukkiraal yen kaadhal daevathai,
    Thoda thoda sirippinaal,
    Thelikkilaal yenmeethu poo malai,
    Engaiyoe ennangal or oorvalam poga,
    Kann kondu ullangal or oviyam aaga,
    Aanandham aanandhamae...

    CHORUS 1

    Romeovin Juliet,
    Devadassin Parvati,
    Rendu paerum ondru saerntha maathiri,
    Thondruvaalae naan virumbum kaadhali,
    Avalathu alagellaam,
    Eluthida or baashaiyillaiyae,
    Avalai naan arinthathum,
    Uyirinmael or aasaiyillaiyae,
    Poovaalae koiyaadum thaay bhoomiyai paartthu,
    Santhosham kondaadum yen kaadhalai vaartthu,
    Kondattam kondaattamae...

    CHORUS 1
    CHORUS 2

    (Male Vocalizing over Background Vocalizing)





    CHORUS 1:
    She is a world beauty,
    She's a waterfall in my heart,
    She is a world beauty,
    She's a waterfall in my heart,
    In that blue water,
    My heart swims and suffers,

    CHORUS 2:
    Without roots, without eggs,
    Love has appeared in both my eyes,
    Without a medium, without writing,
    A glance has sung a song to me,

    CHORUS 1
    (Male Vocalizing)

    Taking that young girl in my hands like a violin,
    Without a bow, running my fingers across her,
    I will show her the music of joy,
    The hot hot comforts,
    This love goddess has given me,
    As I touch her, her laugh,
    Spreads a garland of flowers across me,
    As my thoughts go marching somewhere,
    As my now-seen heart becomes a picture,
    Oh joy, oh joy...

    CHORUS 1

    Romeo's Juliet,
    Devdas' Parvati,
    If both these women were to meld together,
    She would appear, this girl I love,
    To write of her beauty,
    There is no language passionate enough,
    Once she has become mine,
    I will desire no longer for life,
    Seeing this world which takes its joy from flowers,
    Showing it the love which has brought me such joy,
    Oh celebration, oh celebration...

    CHORUS 1
    CHORUS 2

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