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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by srk54727, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. srk54727

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    So I received my yearly bonus last month and finally felt it was time to upgrade my guitar. And that started a chain of bad experiences which continue to this date. I don't know where I can share my experience with all fellow guitar players so I am just writing here. I had shortlisted two guitar for myself ESP LTD EC-1000 and Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. So I started looking where I could find one of these.....

    1) : They said guitar ec-1000 was in stock and took my money (~50k). Later told me that the guitar was not in stock and will be ordered from US. It might be expected by the end of month (only expected, you are not even sure after you have taken my money). Asked for a refund which took another week and like a thousand phone calls. Finally money back.

    2) Schecter ordeal : Called up authorized dealers of Schecter in India They replied to contact Furtados as they are their distributors in Pune. Reply from Furtados "We don't deal in Schecters". Contacted local guitar shop Aawaaz in Pune, they asked for 25k deposit for the guitar. Why the hell would I give 25k deposit to a retard shopkeeper who doesn't know a thing about guitars (He does not know the difference b/w active and passive pups, set neck and neck thru, Locking and non-locking tuners).

    3) Furtados for LTD EC-1000 : "Sir, we have already ordered the guitar from US" Me: "When will it come?" Furtados "We don't know". Few days later I received a call back that the guitar has arrived.
    Me "What's the cost?"
    Furtados "~18k"
    Me "Which guitar are you talking about?"
    Furtados "EC 100QM" WTF ... how can they compare 100 to 1000 seriously ..
    Me "Do you have any guitar with active EMG in your stock"
    Furtados "Grassroot G-HR3-68, it has just come in stock" (for the sake of your knowledge, it does not have EMGs)
    Me "Let me know when the 1000 one come"

    I have had this conversation with these guys at least 10 times and they still don't get it. Confusing 100 to 1000. Quoting exorbitant prices. Each and every one their staff don't know s*** about guitars even though they are largest suppliers of guitars in India. ......god save this country ..... :)

    4) Sattva music store: At least these people are credible and knowledgeable, after 3 days of inquiring about the Schecter they found out that the dealer does not have a single piece of the C-1 Hellraiser ... only Damien and Omen cheapos ...

    Finally I have reached the conclusion (after 1 painful month), that India is not a place where music and arts can be promoted ... you ask for engg. coaching (thousands), CAT coaching (millions) .... you can buy the latest and greatest computers at pretty much the same price as anywhere in the world ... you know why ? because I think what firangis talk about us is right ... we are just a great country of coders and call centers ....

    (Ok I might be exaggerating .. but you get the idea .... right?)
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  3. ayu135

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    Try some international dealers who ship to india, they may cost more but you will get the guitar.
  4. Vader

    Vader New Member

    should be in the jokes section......

    lol just kidding
    make sure you dont end up buying from ebay n stuff
    sorry but i dont know much about pune
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Why do I get the drift that you are also one of them (coders/call centers)?
  6. ayu135

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    Nah dude the condition is same even there, you get the lower end stuff easily, expensive quality stuff is hard to find and exorbitantly price. Ask for some nice gaming mice you'll know. Same is true for most of the things.
  7. mymusicmyguitar

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    Best would be to order it from abroad. There are few dealers in Pune who can order any damn stuff for you from abroad and they take care of Customs and all other stuff...

    Yes and the guys who work at furtados dont know basics of amp and brands. I have experienced the same.
    The VOX VT series was being promoted as a tube amplifier when i went for buying the Laney. And said Laney and Vox both sound same....WTF... and they didnt know what DIMARZIO was? They asked what company is that ........GOSHHHH !!!!!!!
    (If you dont believe me call on the number givenon and ask for Dimarzio pickups :)))
  8. wylder

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    @OP: Dude, look around for used gear too if you want good stuff. Very few stores stock guitars out here that are above the beginner level. Also, lets face it, very few people would be willing to pay for a guitar above 50k out here so stocking them might not be very profitable for these guys. Moreover, most guys would rather buy those from abroad so that they can save on taxes and duties.

    However, I did see a couple of Prestige Ibanez RGs in a shop here in Bangalore. Another option for a good metal guitar is the Ibanez S470.
  9. srk54727

    srk54727 New Member

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I am not exactly a coder or call center guy but yeah not far from it also .... :)

    Today I contacted Saptaswara, after 24 mails ... finalizing price ... shipping conditions .. date of delivery ... and bank account details .. blah blah .. same story ..."Sorry Sir, the EC-1000 is defective and Schecter C-1 hellraiser is not available"
    Why the hell did you tell me the price and said we will get them in 10 days in the first place. They also openly bashed for their service ... :)

    Will look at the Ibanez (I was not even considering them till now .. very thin necks) ....

    BTW .... @Wylder: How is MT2 with solid state amps .. ?
  10. srk54727

    srk54727 New Member

    Don't think so ... bought Razer Death Adder from Flipkart some time back .. I an not a gamer so don't know how good it is.. but liked the design ... paid and it came to my doorstep in two days .. not so hard ..
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    better try a bit cheaper than 50k
    or try to convince them in person
    if pradeep pande of infernal wrath can get an ec-1000
    then why cant you
  12. wylder

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    You will get over the thin neck problem in a while... Initially it might hurt the back of your palm a bit but after a few months, it will pay dividends. Legato-ing on it is a dream. And it has shred written all over it.

    MT2 is a one trick pony. It is useful for loads of drive for modern metal rhythms. I'm talking about Slipknot, InFlames, Lamb of God kinda stuff. Has one of the best eq sections I have seen in a pedal. Has a pretty tight bottom too. So much gain on tap. Will not clean up ever and tone is super distorted from 1 to 11 on the gain control, hence no point putting it in front of a pushed tube amp. So pretty much the same sound no matter what amp. If you are looking for smooth lead tones without the buzz, the Tube Zone is what you are after. Mesa style smooth super compressed lead tone.

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