please post request only for tamil songs in tamil forum

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by drashkum, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. drashkum

    drashkum New Member

    guys and girls are requested to post requesition for only tamil songs in tamil forum .if u want for any other language song please create a forum in igt for that language and post respectively
  2. dinesh_ayyala

    dinesh_ayyala New Member

    Music knows no language

    If you're a true music lover, stop distunguishing between languages and begin to appreciate all songs. Grow up, dude!

    P.S: I don't know Tamil, but I love Tamil songs.
  3. rajasunda

    rajasunda New Member

    hey drashkum is right about this forum. It is used to request only tamil songs...this is how igt is organized...dinesh you need to request to admin for a telugu section...there needs to be one..and its about time because you guys deserve it...also we are all grown up dinesh lol...its just that drashkum is following forum rules so our section stays organized....i am a world music lover and listen to african, korean film music, japanese rock bands, chinese pop, bengali rock, pakistani rock, arabic its got noting to do with language...its got to do with forum rules
  4. Rubendesigner

    Rubendesigner New Member

    hi.. am a new member & a beginner in guitar.. need all your help guys to improvise..and sure ll help u too...
  5. david5505cool

    david5505cool New Member

    Otha uinga language problem ah ingayum start panitingala..
  6. rockii

    rockii New Member

    leading guitar notes for all songs from Vinnaithandi varuvaaya
  7. love123

    love123 New Member

    TABS for song Ava Enna from Varanamayiram

    Can some one please post TABS for song Ava Enna from Varanamayiram????

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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