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  1. pickitup

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    hi anyone
    i learnt tabla for 5 years,i can play harmonium,mouthorgan, but when i first touched my friends guitaar i knew this was it. ia can not go to a class 4 some reason but still i learnt basic strumming and fingering xercise on net,and a few chords. i have a knack for figuring out lead tabs;but i want to learn it the right way practising and mastering chords and scales in proper anyone out there ready to help me?????????
    please people,i'd be really grateful
  2. godblessme

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    plz chek out the beginner Q n A forum on this site....
    but it's neccesory to hv guru for learning guitar..atleast at the begining. later u can pick up very well
    btw where did u learn tabla??
    Njoy ... :rock:
  3. praveenohol

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    I can Help You

    Hello It is very good that You learnt the Guitar by yourself this is a site where you will get a software for computer which is free of cost and from there you can learn to practice scales and chords, for strumming you can use your tabla Knowledge and the basic struming technique in western music is very diffrent from the Indian as you play any Gazal in Waltz here in India you play it in Dadra so the struming changes which needs practice as Wetern music do not have odd countings such as Rupak and Zhaptal If you want some more Information I can Help You Out

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