Please Go Away, Please Let Me Recover

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    beautiful one....not my frm the net...

    The faces see me cry,
    the faces see me sway,
    the faces keep on staring,
    and never look away.

    Oh, unfortunate faces,
    Please look away,
    I can't stand those eyes,
    burning chasms each day.

    The voices scream,
    the voices chortle,
    they don't stop laughing,
    or shrieking at this mortal.

    Oh, annoying voices,
    Please go away,
    I don't want your nuisance,
    in my head each day.

    I command you to leave me,
    oh, hallucinations please quit,
    I want a happiness,
    I feel should be writ.

    Let my days be pleasant,
    let my sleeplessness recover,
    let my dreams be peaceful,
    and this heart, be a lover.

    - Teresa 10.23.01
  2. Bristy

    Bristy ...

    Nice poem..........
  3. skaw

    skaw snooze

    too hard to run away from the world,

    nice poem ..

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