planning to buy a GIBSON ACOUSTIC guitar in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by sumantp, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. sumantp

    sumantp New Member

    Hey GUys i m planning to buy a GIBSON ACOUSTIC guitar...can anyone tell me the starting price and a recognised dealer in mumbai??it would do alot help...!!thanks...cheers!!
  2. D_minor7

    D_minor7 New Member

    Gibson doesnt sell in would have to import it from would cost a ton considering the import duties etc. You can check out for other options..if u have a budget of 15k for an acoustic,tou could consider takamine,ovation,yamaha
  3. shaunak_de

    shaunak_de New Member

    Hope you are not refering to "Givson"
  4. sumantp

    sumantp New Member

    nO man..its Gibson...
  5. sumantp

    sumantp New Member

    Wat abt Hobner??
  6. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    Its available in Bangalore, not sure about starting price, but i saw a very good one of 8.5 k.
  7. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    A Gibson for 8.5K?? Very hard to believe.


    no its not.
  9. sumantp

    sumantp New Member

    The starting for gibson is to knw at furtado's in mumbai
  10. nmrtaa

    nmrtaa New Member

    hobmer is a great choice
    but grason are more user friendly....u can get one at futardos in south bombay
    hobmer gives a great sound .... and its cheaper
  11. nmrtaa

    nmrtaa New Member

    gibson ? no no pal ... u won't get a gibson in india
    u will have to get it from Ebay ot Amazon :/

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