Picture Perfect

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    Picture perfect
    Suburban Middle class
    Picture perfect
    Picket fence
    Inside such stark

    Within these 4 walls
    All feelings
    Stay hidden
    To even mention the word
    Is forbidden

    Problems fixed with
    Voices shouting
    Fists flying
    Little ones all bruised
    And crying

    Marriage failing
    Children to blame
    Don’t try and argue
    You deserve
    This pain

    A father barely there
    A mother sick
    In her own mind
    Just searching
    For something to fill in
    The gaps that
    Leave her blind

    Cater to her every need
    Comfort her
    When she cries
    But when the shoes trade places
    She disappears
    There’s no goodbye

    So they raise themselves
    Form a pack with each other
    The eldest sister becomes alpha
    Takes on the role of
    Their own mother

    Trading childhood
    For survival
    And fun for
    Work and chores
    When adult hood
    Rolls around
    It’s no different
    Than before

    The fathers seen in glimpses
    Almost too quick to see
    With human eyes
    The only indication of his goings
    Is the destruction
    He leaves behind

    Broken toys and
    Broken hearts
    And ears that ring
    From all the shouting
    Soapy mouths
    Imprints of hangers
    Tell a story
    Different from his spouting

    But they never knew
    Right from wrong
    It’s all they’ve ever known
    It’s all they’ve ever been shown

    There was no fight or flight allowed
    Just submission and your word
    Conditioned to love
    Conditioned to forget
    Conditioned to trust
    But only live to regret

    Always pit against one another
    By their own mother
    Fighting everyday
    Over what they couldn’t say

    But the punishment was always the same
    There was no running and hiding
    You would always be found
    Only allowed to re enter
    If you submitted and bowed

    Never allowed to lick their wounds
    They don’t matter they always heal
    They always learnt their lesson
    It’s better not to feel

    And to this day they remember
    And they follow in her way
    Each with their own children
    They teach them that same way
  2. ur words frame a picture ... perfectly

    very well written ...!!!
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    i really like your poems..they are crisp and clear yet they have this beautiful imagery!

    very nice!
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