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  1. perseus

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    Seymour Duncan's audio sample page for evaluating Humbuckers.


    Am stuck between ordering Pearly Gates or JB model. Have had both, and an SH-5 which wasn't bad, but preferred Pearly Gates, though it now sounds in these samples a little thin in the middle and bass range, whereas the JB is a little leaner on distortion but has a fuller, more percussive tone.
    Listen to 'em, interested to hear opinions.
  2. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    pearly gates sounded bttr somehow......but that was just my ear.....dun knw bout everyone else........
  3. perseus

    perseus New Member

    Yeah, that was the last pickup I had on a Strat. Pleasant tone. The Bose 301 of Humbuckers, a little inflexible, meaning everything sounds the same, but it doesn't offend your ear. Nice pickup, aptly named. "Distant", nice sparkly harmonics and overtones.
    The Beck model, had one of those, could only suffer it for a couple of weeks before replacing, years back. Either my taste has changed or they've subtly modified the thing.
    Anyrate, It's fascinating going down that list and listening, comparing. They all sound different, some more than others. Have heard praise for several of these, but the JB sounds particularly sharp, has an articulation and thump the others don't.
    Listening to that SH-5 brought back memories, first Seymour I bought.
    Presently I'm using a stock Fender Diamondback. Serviceable but nothing special by any means.
    Thanks for the opinion, Angel. Rest of you guys, and groovy gals, if there are any here, click that page link and give a listen.
  4. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    These are two very different pickups in terms of output. The JB is fairly hot with high DC resistance while the PG is a lower output vintage pickup. Go for the JB for a hot lead pickup and with the PG if you want the openness and sparkle of low output vintage pickup.Really depends on what you want to play.

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