Piano sheet music for Rabindrasangeet

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  1. abhsen

    abhsen New Member

    Hello all, I am new here but thought this would be the best place to put my request. Would anyone have the piano sheet music for "aami chini go chini tomare..."? This is one of my most favourite Rabindra sangeet and want to play it on my piano. Unfortunately I cannot play by ear..but need to sight-read the notes.

    I had bought a book by Ranjit Mitra in Kolkata but it doesnt contain the notes for this song. Can anyone help please?

  2. pianopiano

    pianopiano New Member

    I want to play Rabindrasangeet on piano.Do you know whree I can buy such books with
    western piano notes.
  3. monimoy

    monimoy New Member

    Try 'Rabindra Sangeet' staff notation by Mr Samar Dutt. The book is available in Bragenza shop.
  4. milankumar

    milankumar New Member

    notes symbol please
  5. abhsen

    abhsen New Member

    Would anyone have the piano chords to play with "ami chini go chini tomare" song? I am desperately looking for it for months but haven't come across it yet.

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