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  1. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    All Bangalore based bands who are interested in performing live, send me your number via Private Message.

    We have something in store for you :)

  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Oh great .. So finally... I wish i had a band
  3. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Riccky - if it's a duo or if you single handed can control a crowd of 50+, you are welcome to join in :) .. Let me know if you are interested :) ..
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Oh cool... I'll get in touch with you for more details.
  5. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    Wow, any specific Genre or anything is fine to perform......!!!!!
  6. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hindi - Local numbers are welcome. The crowd you'll be playing for is , mostly, educated / corporate / college - the kinds you normally find in Malls / Cafes.

    Metal - heavy / death / thrash will have to wait.
  7. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    Super, that's what i wanted to know.....When is this starting or any tentative dates that you may tell?
  8. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Arya - We've already started :). If you have your recording or samples, please PM me the link and give me your details, I'll get back to you soon :).

  9. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    PM'ed the samples to you....however I am not sure if i will be able to do it, Have god damn cold and coughing a ton.....and have my exams around the corner too :(
  10. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    super cool...i dont have a band though :'(...
  11. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Play Sweet leaf.

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