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    Hi All,
    Many a times we come across chords or tabs that somebody has posted and says the post fits for such n such tune. But when we try to play the same problems occur either with the tempo/strumming pattern and we could not get the same feel. This brings the question up that..wheather the dude whoever has originally posted it has done it perfect. Apart from the 2 things that I mentioned above i.e. Tempo and Strumming pattern, how many of you think that proper guitar tuning is also a factor here. As per the modern music goes tuning the A string at 440 Hz is the standard. Then you tune the other strings with A ...means all strings are at 440 Hz.

    How many of us, tune the guitar before we try to find the tabs or chords for a song. (Well please don't consider me here. I am a complete tone deaf guy :p: )

    I know tuning to 440 Hz needs a electronic tuner which can only verify if you are correct. tuning by ear is near about same but not exactly at 440 Hz. Are there any practicing guitarists here who can tell how much this tuning at 440 Hz matters.

    Do you guys think, if we all can do that, then all posts can be played by everybody. Of course modifications will be there but no significant changed will be there ever.

    Please do correct me if I am wrong.


  2. amit82cse

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    440Hz tuning is standard tuning. Technically, note at 5th fret at lower string should resonance at 440Hz.

    There are freewares available through which you can tuen your guitar using computer if you have microphone.
  3. faiqgiant

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    ya a very popular tuner is AP TUNER get it 4m any p2p cliend its easily registered
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    no need to go to all that level ...

    man just pick up a CD (a cassette wont do coz all the cassette players play at diff speeds - that changes the freq) ...

    pick up a song which has tons of guiatar work ... and tune along ...
    most of the cases, everyone tunes his guitar on scale (atleast for studio recording) or 1/2 or full note down ...

    i used to do this with Nothing Else Matters and Stairway to Heaven ... to get the E and A strings (or Em and Am chords) ...
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    mini tuner does ma job for tuning ... it has a very simple interface and is very helpful

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