Pentatonic Scale with example

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  1. golisoda

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    Below in the picture is a pentatonic scale pattern in a simple format. the fretboard is divided into 3 boxes A, B, C. If you are playing a major pentatonic scale the yellow dots become your root note. If you are playing a minor pentatonic scale the purple dots become your root note. So you could be playing this pattern anywhere on the fretboard.

    Now the examples both in tab and midi file (attachment).

    Minor pentatonic scale example:



    Major pentatonic scale example:



    I learnt this from one of my teachers long back. I dont know if I play this right but sounds good to me the way I play.

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  2. coolgoose

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    cool man

    Hi! I have listened to tunes which you have posted they were sounding good.Try to post more and more like these..All the best!
  3. sambitsatpathy

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    Hi Golisoda... seems great and sounds great. but i was unable to releate the examples to the figure that you have posted. seems i am a bumhead. could you please explain your examlpes with releation to your figure. in case you want to explain it over phone... i can call u up. am in canada now. just do send me a mail to my yahoo id.
    thanks in advance.
  4. golisoda

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    If you know how to play the notes in picture you can do the example. The examples are nothing but the pattern but a little tweaked and playing the three boxes in continuity. To make it more simpler play the three boxes individually and then go ahead to play them without a break.

    Did it help anything...or was I redundant.
  5. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    what is the use of learning it??

    ie give more details!!
  6. jekyll

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    well seems like u already know the uses ;) otherwise u wont ask them ...

    anyway using these scales u can construct licks that u can fit over a passage of chords ...
    that will sound nice ...

    these licks u can combine to make a solo or just plain improvisation ...
    and hell yeah ...u can impress the people around you by playing the se scales fast and incorporating some bends, taps, hammerons pull-offs pinch harmonics etc ...

    ppl around may start feeling tha u are guitar god ... :grin:
  7. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    did not nderstand can u give more details i am a hmmm semi beginner semi intermediate in guitaring but in theory am a beginner
  8. jekyll

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    array yaar
    that mean
    suppose u play the following chords :
    Am C F G

    and u play Pentatonic scale in A minor

    it will sound good

    and u can whizz around on the fret board playing the notes of the scale ... and it wil sound nice and "in scale" ...
  9. har1s

    har1s <b>Untitled</b>

    i never understood wat scales are... i mean the theory behind them, and the construction of scales...ill really appreciate n e 1 helpin out there.... plz
  10. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    i can play tabs n chords but teh teory part am a beginner lolz
  11. nadish

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    thats wat I needed...

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