PEEPLI LIVE - Mehngai Dayain Tabs

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  1. alaba

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    Hey These Are the following tabs:
    Please let me know it sounds!

    Sakhi Saiyan to khube kamat hai
    G-33--(hammer to)5--(slide to)8-8--7-7-5-3--3-(slide to)5-3-2--

    mehngai dayan khaye jaat hai
    G-(open hit)---2-3-5-5-(hammer on)7-5-2

    Repeat Above Twice

    ar mahina uchhle petrol
    deisal ka uchhla hai role

    Sakkar bhai ke ka bol
    G-22--2-22-3-(slide to)5--3-5-3-2--2-3-(Slide on)5---5-7--5-7--5-33
    Repeat Once

    Roosa baat maati dhaan hamari jaan hai
    G--33--55--88--77--5-3-(hammer on)5--3-2

    G-(open hit)---2-3-5-5-(hammer on)7-5-2

    Try Other Strings .. this is The EASIEST Solo for it!


  2. shashi_26oct

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    nice tabs Bro...
  3. nvn1986

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    Can you please send me chords of Des mera rang rez yeh babu.... from peepli live

    Naveen Sharma
  4. alaba

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    @naveen ... i havnt tried them yet! but yeah will surely do now .. once i get that i will post here!

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