Pantera - This Love

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    If ever words were spoken
    Painful and untrue
    I said I loved but I lied
    In my life
    All I wanted
    Was the keeping
    Of someone like you
    As it turns out
    Deeper within me
    Love was twisted and pointed at you

    Never ending pain, quickly ending life --

    (chorus) you keep this love, thing, child, toy
    You keep this love, fist, scar, break
    You keep this love

    Id been the tempting one
    Stole her from herself
    This gift in pain
    Her pain was life
    And sometimes I feel so sorry
    I regret this the hurting of you
    But you make me so unhappy
    Id take my life and leave love with you

    Id kill myself for you, Id kill you for myself --

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