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  1. atulansaha

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    hi folks..i have recently started playing hindi songs as before that i was mostly into western stuff... i notice that im not able to play many of the hindi songs completely as my left hand, near the base of my thumb starts aching badly. I also notice that this is true for the songs in which barred chords (Like Bm, G, Bb, Eb, etc.) need to be played continuously. For example, the song Tere Bina Jiya Jayena
    My question is that am i missing out on some particular technique or is it just a matter of time beforeit starts getting better?
  2. scot_hacker

    scot_hacker New Member

    Just make sure you use a technique that is comfortable. Try to keep your palm as far away from the edge of the fretboard. Don't curl your thumb around the fretboard too much, and don't bend it at the joint too much or strech it. Play comfortable.

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