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    Oru Jeevan chords - Geethanjali (Ilayaraja)

    Song: Oru Jeevan
    Movie: Geethanjali (1985)
    Music: Ilayaraja
    Singers: IR and Chitra

    Nice melody from the 80's. Movie was rubbish though. Lost count of how many amazing IR songs were wasted in absolute crap movies!!

    Oru (F#m)jeevan azhaithadhu
    Oru jeevan thudithadhu
    Ini (F#m)enak(Bm)kAga (F#m)azha vENdAm
    Ingu (F#m)kaN(Bm)Neerum (F#m)vizha vENdAm
    Unnai(Bm)yae eNNi(E)yae vAzhgi(F#m)REn


    (A)Mullai poo pOlae uLLam (F#m)vaithAi
    (A)MuLLai uLLae vaithAi.. hO..
    (A)Ennai sErAmal kannam (F#m)vaithAi
    (A)Nenjil kannam vaithAi.. hO
    (Bm)Nee illai enRal (E)en vAzhvil enRum
    (Bm)Pagal enRu (E)onRu (A)kidaiyAdhu
    (Bm)Anbae nam vAzhvil (E)pirivenbadhillai
    (Bm)AgAyam (E)reNdai (A)udaiyAdhu
    InRu (Bm)kAdhal piRandha nAL
    En vAzhvil siRandha nAL
    MaNa (E)mAlai (A)soodum (F#m)nAL p(Bm)Arka(DM7)vaaa(F#m)ae

    Rajesh :music:
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    hi Rajesh,

    can u please help me in finding the root note of any given song

    For example
    #nenjukul is in A major scale
    #Hosana is in G major scale and some part D scale
    #ondra renda Am scale

    because most people talk about these songs often so I could say these are the root chords

    But when i hear the song for the first time i will not be able to find the root note of the song unless the song is in C scale or G scale

    How to figure the root note for the song so that we can figure out rest of the chords easily?? can u explain in breif??? :?
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    Hi demios

    I'm self taught and no expert. But here's what I know. Scale and root note are 2 different issues.
    The root note of a song (minor or major scale) is quite often (but not always) the root of its 1st chord. In Nenjikkul song for eg, the fist note is an A and the 1st chord is an A too. So, the song's root note is A and key is A major.
    In the song posted above, the 1st note of the song (melody) is G#, but the 1st chord is actually an F#m, so the root note is F# (key is F#m). In another song from this same movie, Thulli ezhundhadhu, Eb is played as the 1st chord, but the song is actually in Fm and root note is an F. It comes with practice. You dont need music theory the pick out chords. All you need is a good ear to pick up various notes in the song.
    To decipher a chord, try and listen to the bass note. This can be easy in many songs, but can be tricky. You might have to hear it again and again. This usually gives away the chord - C bass note for C/Cm, B bass for Bm/B, etc. Occasionally the bass note will be different. Listen to other sounds, notes, melody note etc within a particular bar. Put them together and more often than not you will arrive at the chord for that bar.
    In Unnale unnale song for eg, the 1st chord of the melody is Bbm. How? If you listen, Bb bass note can quite easily be picked up. The dominant melody note is C#, so you have 2 notes already. Common chords using these notes are F# and Bbm. Try both, only Bbm with 'fit'. Similarly you can work out rest of the chords. With practice it will become easier.
    Hope this helps.

    Rajesh :music:
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    Thanks for this informative post.
  5. keyven

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    put capo on 2nd fret and play..

    thats how it was recorded originally

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