Original Tabs Aik Din Aayega by JAL!!! Accurate one

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    Hello everyone .. Iam JOY.This is my first post on this forum.I tried playing diff versions placed on the forum,but i guess this is the Best one ,not because i figured it out but it sounds accurate (More Close to original).
    Check for yourself.

    Suggestions Welcome

    There are 5 Chords in this song listed below

    E: [ e=0 b=0 g=9 d=9 a=7 e=0 ]
    C#m: [ e=0 b=0 g=6 d=6 a=4 e=0 ]
    A: [ e=0 b=0 g=2 d=2 a=0 e=0 ]
    B: [ e=0 b=0 g=4 d=4 a=2 e=0 ]
    C: [ e=0 b=0 g=5 d=5 a=3 e=0 ]

    Make sure you have a look at the way i have held the chords because they are held in a different way.

    Intro =
    E C#m A B (2 times) then C(Soft Plucking)

    E C#m A B
    Teri aankhein .. Aab hongi naaa kabhi nam
    Tu jo dekh lay .. toww bhula doon mein saaray gham
    Tu jo chaahay toww .. Badlay gaa mausam (C) mmmmmmm

    Same goes for the next verse

    (Rthym Starts)
    E C#m
    K dil tu rona nahi .. K khwab adhooray nahi
    K aarmaan saaray tere .. hongay pooray kabhi

    A B
    Aik Din aaiega .. Tu yoon gaaiga

    (The alaap is on E and C#m you'll figure out where to change when u play)
    laaaaaaa haa haa haaa haaaa
    Rest you'll figure it all out yourself :)


  2. Aka Oz

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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice.............rock on
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    GOOD Jani........! it's cool

    BIG_EVIL Guitaring Machine

    not bad at all.....
  5. JAZZ

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    nice work.......
  6. aysh

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    this version is nearly the same as some already posted.. i mean these chords have already been posted for this song. not to take away any credit frm u if u done this on ur own
    but u madae a mistake.. the chords u wrote , in them the rest of the strings are not played open. infact they have to be muted fully. try that way .. sounds really kool and besides in an interview goher played the same chords but as i said in a muted fashion
  7. Orange Guitar

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    original are posted already....nice chords fixer ...in the vdo of ik din....he plays the same chords...but he also mutes the open strings!!!! the arpeggio was posted by omerboy!
  8. sandil

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    neat stuff! rock on!
  9. Orange Guitar

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    c#m is wrong it shld b (9x99xx)...this is the right chord!!!!
  10. onaga

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    mmmaaannnnnn itzz koooollll

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