Original Chords. Tere Naina - Kailash Kher

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    Before trying my chords, Play the track and play these chords along the track. This song is based on F major scale which is, F G A A# C D E F
    If n e 1 wanna correct something, these are the chords u can use.
    Fmaj. I can give more chords under this scale but these are enuff.

    If u listen clearly, The guitarist didn't changed the F chord untill that "Tanhayioon ki" part, Listen Carefully.

    Keep Playing F chord for the intro and solo, I've figured all intro and solos' chords but... Here the song!.

    (F)Jagay jagay, Sooye Sooye tere naina
    Sapnoon mein, Khooye Khooye Tere Naina

    Keep Playing F until....
    Tanhaiy(A#)oon Ki, Parchaiy(A#)oon mein
    Tumhi (F)hoo na, Tere (A#)naina
    Haye (F)Naina

    (F)Sooni Sooni, Sooni Sooni Si ye Raina
    Aaja Piyaa, Tere Bina Nahi Chaina

    Oonchai(A#)yoon Ki, Gehrai(A#)yoon Mein
    Tumhi (F)Hoona, Tere (A#)Naina
    Haye (F)Naina
    Keep Playin F....
    Paya Tu(A#)jhe To, Sab Mil(F)Gaya haan
    Ahsaas (A#)Aisa, Ke Sab (F)Khilgaya

    Jaise (C)Himalay, Khud (A#)pighal ke Sagar (F)bangaya

    No more changes in the rest of the song!...

    Haan In paloon ki Ra`naiyoon mein
    Tumhi hoo na, Tere naina
    Haye Naina

    Madhoosh Raatein, Pal Pal Suhani
    Rut Ga Rahi Hai, Dil Ke Taranay

    Saray Nazaray, Chand Taray, Gun Gunanay Lagay

    In Wadiyoon K, Angdaiyoon Mein
    Tumhi Hoo Na, Tere Naina
    Haye Naina

    Comments plz.!
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    Good Chords...
    I hv tried them...
    I think its good...
    Good work dear...
  3. thunderstorm

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    nice work... :)
  4. ashu31aks

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    Nice one, keep it up.
  5. simplysukhjit

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    Nice wrk...

    Thnx Bro..!! I was in Need of this..!!
  6. apel

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    Pls give me the strumming pattern.pls
  7. nikrocksrana0

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    They are Perfect

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