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  1. GuitarKnight

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    Why the guitar strings are tuned to E B G D A E?
    Is ther any specific reason?

    could some one one explain me?
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You mean why are they traditionally tuned to this?

    Renaissance lute tuning: E-A-d-f♯-b-e'

    All fourths
    This tuning is like that of the lowest four strings in standard tuning. It removes from standard tuning the irregularity of the interval of a third between the second and third strings. This tuning is sometimes adopted by guitarists who are proficient at two-handed tapping, as it allows for symmetrical scales all the way up and down the fretboard.

    All fifths
    This is a tuning in intervals of fifths like that of a mandolin or a violin. Has a remarkably wide range, though it is impossible to achieve with standard equipment (the high b" makes the first string very taut such that it will break easily), and may not play well on an acoustic guitar (the low C is arguably too low to resonate properly in a standard guitar's body). Another variation of the all fifths tuning utilizes an additional bass string as an alternative to a high b: F-C-G-d-a-e This tunes the top 4 strings to the standard mandolin/violin tuning and adds bass missing from those instruments.

    NB: everything is copy pasted from internet, but with comprehension.
  3. GuitarKnight

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    Thank you for your reply..
    I got some idea on this..


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