OLD jagay hain by Atif Aslam

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    i figured out this lead or riff what ever u call it..of the old jagay hain..i think its better than the new one..but i love both of them. This part isn't included in the new song..but u can get the old one from soundclick.com just type in Beezlebub or something and u can find many songs of Jal and Atif aslam. I know some of the parts needs improvement..but the begging is somewhat right because i played it with the song. Here it goes..it sounds a bit cartoony.
    /=Pull off(the thing that makes the cartoony noise..i think)

    0 SLIDE 5-4 2/4-2 12-11 7 slide 9-7 7/9-7 12-11-14-12-11-9-7-2 4/5 you can either slide or do the pull of thing.

    The chords in the old one are just D and G..in the new one its D E G A.
    HOPE I HELPED SOMEONE! :rockon: ;)

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