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    hi there everyone......i am from PAKISTAN....i want from my indian broz.........guys here people love to hear old indian songs esp kishhore, rafi, lata....can u plz sene some song chords......i would really appreciate it!:beer:
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    Sent me tab of Sa re ga ma pa da ni sha
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    Hi Yaade A-O-A.
    Please be specific about the songs for which you require chords. You will be able to find chords for most of the old classics in this forum just type the name of the song in SEARCH THIS FORUM section. For the rest, you can always count on Pros like Band bajaa and Jay.

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    Hey here is the Tab to sa re ga ma (C MAJOR SCALE)


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    i am Atif from pakistan

    yaar where do you live in pak. me too finding the cords but i have too much stuff in my comp. and also i am a guitarist and teacher as well . and i can find out any cords of songs easly.
    so waiting for your respone that where do you live in pak.

    E A E D
    Raat kali ek khwaab mein ayeee

    aur gale kaa haar hui

    subaho ko jaab hum neend se jaage

    aankh tumhi se chaar huii

    Anthara 1

    E A E
    chaahe kaho ise meri muhabbat

    chahe hasin mein uda do

    E A E
    yeh kya hua mujhe, mujhako khabar nahi

    B E
    ho sake tumhi bataa do

    E A
    tumne kadam to rakhaa jameen par

    B E
    seenen mein kyon jhankaar hui

    G Bm
    jab koi baath bigad jaaye

    Em C
    jab koi muskil pad jaaye

    Am D G
    tum dena saath mera o hamnawas

    G Bm
    na koi hai na koi tha

    Em C
    zindagi mein tumhare siwa

    Am D G
    tum dena saath mera o hamnawas

    G Bm
    ho chandni jab tak raat

    Em C
    tum dena mera saath

    Am D G
    tum magar andero main na chodna mera haath
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    ^^ wow .. u were still around ..
    search for songs which u wanna know the chords to mate .. many ppl have posted old songs here

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