O wind! Come play with me

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    I call upon thee, o wind!
    Come play with me.
    Its been long since the last summer,
    Could you spend 'nother day with me?

    Her message bears the taste of unkindness,
    solitude and desperation,
    I'm lone this brutish day.
    No one to be with me, this summer;
    Now only you, o wind, are my company.
    No one else to be with me, o wind!
    No one else to cheer.
    We'll be the best pals, o wind!
    Could you spend a day here?

    So bring home a tether of joy
    and serenity, this summer,
    My home has a place to play.
    We'll dance and sing in the wilderness, this summer;
    I hope you come today.

    We'll sleep in the canvas of bliss, this summer;
    Our hearts'll cry with glee.
    Its been long since the last summer,
    Could you spend 'nother day with me?
  2. wow ... i would say ur a female horse... ur good re !!
    i hope the wind comes, only that you put some nice deo ...!!

    i really appriciate this one...cheers...
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    but naah, m a male horsey..
    just sad cuz ma gal left me, n I call som1 to be wid me!
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    n yea, thnXXX for th' appreciation
  5. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    I've posted all 4 poems (yea only 4 still, more 2 go) there, feel free 2 comment

    srry idefixe dint hav time 2 correct by ur recommendations
    i'd soon post ur version too under your name:D
  6. keep posting
  7. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    yea......sure n thnxXx

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