O re piya, original chords + video

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  1. elpi487

    elpi487 New Member

    Hello guys, My first post with guitar chords.

    My youtube link for the song:


    The main chords for the song are:

    Bm, F#maj, Gmaj, Amaj, D.

    I am a beginner at guitar, the video shows a few bar chords ( Bm, and F#maj) the rest are open chords. Hopefully the beginners will find it useful. Please do leave your comments. Looking forward to share better music. :D
  2. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    well whts the strumming pettron
  3. youtube

    youtube New Member

    good job man
  4. elpi487

    elpi487 New Member

    Hey cheers.. the strumming pattern was 2 downs on the bass strings and then a down again on the higher strings and up and down.. and repeat it all over

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