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    With the conception of noori (way back in Ali Noor’s school days) composing music became a full time passion for him. He has been at it since the age of 15 when he bought his first sound card and started recording his compositions on the computer. Between that time and the actual formation of noori as a professional act, almost two-thirds of Ali Noor’s time had been spent making music and pursuing his dream of becoming a Pop-Star. The rest of the time was either spent studying at school or (afterwards) working at his grandfather’s law firm.

    The year 2000 gave Ali Noor his first major breakthrough when the video of Manwa Re was released. The song was an instant hit, and still remains one of Noor’s/noori’s most sought after singles, but even the fame that Ali Noor got from Manwa Re didn’t deter him from pursuing something he had been working on for over 7 years!

    Manwa Re is essentially a song that Ali Noor composed for a Pakistani film by Sajjad Gul. It was a love song that was supposed to be shot for a wedding sequence. But the song got rejected and Ali Noor abandoned it like all other side projects that didn’t materialize – his focus being on noori’s music which was quite the opposite of what this song communicated.

    However, in 1998, Ali Noor’s grandfather (Mr. Raza Kazim; see What is about this instrument that Ali Noor and Ali Hamza’s mother plays?) decided to set up a video department in his institute and hence procured a lot of video production equipment. Ali Noor, who was actively involved in setting up that department decided to test this equipment (cameras and video editing suite etc.) by shooting a video for Manwa Re. He teamed up with Mariam Pasha (daughter of renowned filmmaker, Shireen Pasha) and the two just loitered around the city of Lahore shooting random images. Having edited their footage, Noor and Mariam realized that the video was not all that senseless as they had thought it to be.

    Just for the fun of it, the song was given to Ptv. and Indus Music (which had just launched at that time). Ptv at once rejected the video (in fact banned it) as there were some objectionable shots in it (namely of the Lahore Red-Light-Area). But it was Indus Music that promoted the song heavily, and just like that, in a matter of weeks the song became a nation wide hit!

    Manwa Re is still considered to be the most popular noori song; but, even though it was included in noori’s debut album (Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan), it remains a kind of a step-song for noori as the rest of the album had been written with a totally different philosophy in mind.
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    Thread moved to music reviews. I'm too lazy to read that yet :p:
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    wow...good info.
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    well i've always wondered wt that song was about and wt the video meant. finally i found this info on their site.

    i still dont know wt the song means.
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    Where can i see that video? :grin: Just wanted to see what channels can ban.
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    yea great song.. completely different from what noori is known from..

    has anyone heard about ali noor getting married?.. i did
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    It was way ago man! He got married around November i think. Around the release of their new album.
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    A Great POPish type of song from noori !!!!!!
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    good info brooo

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