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  1. nnshinde

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    hi ..
    wants chords for o hansini..
  2. amit82cse

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    boss, will you give some more hints about this song, movie, couple of line anything?
  3. taquila

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    now it's 2:27 am.. it's too late at night.. Plz wait for a day, dude,.. tomorrow i'll send you the chord along with the lead part...
  4. taquila

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    Well.. here it is my friend.

    Dear friend,

    Here is the listing for the song you asked.
    Please note that this is the Dil-Vil-Pyar-Vyar version of the song. I could not find out the original Kishore Kumar song in my computer. If later, I find that Kishore version and if there are major differences between these two versions I will update it accordingly.

    The song starts with a plucking. Here it is-

    Plucking -1:


    Play it for 2 times.

    Hint: While playing the above note, let the note ring. Many people while playing this part, omit the finger from the fret board to hold the next note. But if you omit your finger, the ringing sound of the note will stop at once. So the audiance will not get the soothing effect. So, I will suggest you to play the above part in the way depicted below-

    "Hold down the fret board by putting your index finger, ring finger and little finger at 5th fret string 1, 7th fret string 3 and 8th fret string 2 respectively. Now play string 3, 2, 1, 2 respectively. Don't leave or move your fingers. Hold it like you hold chords. Then play the next part, string 3, 2, 1 (while you strike this string put your middle finger in the 6th fret), now leave the mid finger, again 1 and last string 2."

    After this the organ music starts. The guitar is in the background. Now the lead portion will slightly change as tabbed below-


    Plucking -2
    Hold down the D minor chord in second position.[56770x] Pluck the strings in this order-
    4-3-1-2/4-3-1. Next hold C major at second position [3555xx]. Pluck 4-3-1-2/and then play this tab.


    Getting confused? Not so tough. You need to first hold Dminor then C major. While holding Dm, strike string 4-3-1-2/4-3-1 and while holding C, first strike 4-3-1-2 and then swiftly play the above tabbed part.That's it.

    Now the Song starts. The progression in its simplest form is as below-

    O Hansini..
    Meri hansini..
    Kaha Urr chali..
    Mere armano ke pankh laga ke..
    kaha urr chali..

    Next after the organ part, Play the Plucking -2 part again. Then next stranza starts-

    Aaja meri sanso me maheke raha re tera kajra

    then there is a music part. Play it as below-


    Then the second line-
    aaja meri raton me laheke raha re tera gajra.

    O hansini... next same.

    If you need the tab of the song, Ask me later.
    Should there be any query, suggestion, alteration, please reply. :beer:
  5. taquila

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    No reply... so u didn't like it?
  6. gabbar

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    Thanks a lot taquilla :)
    What is the strumming pattern for this song ??
  7. zing

    zing Machine Head

    O Hansini Meri hansini..

    Kaha Urr chali..

    Mere armano ke pankh laga ke..

    kaha urr chali..

    Aaja meri sanso me maheke raha re tera gajra

    aaja meri raton me laheke raha re tera kajra.

    for strummin, first learn this special downstroke (lets call it D*) - just fold ur fingers into a fist & strike the strings by opening ur fist one finger at a time

    then the strummin pattern is
    D D* D U D

    [where D = normal downstroke, U=normal upstroke]

    n listen to the song carefully for th variations in this basic pattern
  8. khushalbhadra

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    These chords are good and simple. But I suppose this song is in Fm and would appreciate if someones shares the correct chords including the intro music and music in between songs.

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