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    I have been reading the theory and trying to understand the logic. I am under the impression that for first string E if I wanna play F is should hit 1st fret and 1st finger and for G second fret and second finger. So this becomes Notes on E string.

    Now when I move on to Notes on B string i.e second string it is written as B is Open, C is first fret first finger and D is 3rd fret 3rd finger.

    I do not understand why D is 3rd fret 3rd finger. Shouldn't it be 2nd fret 2nd finger.

    Similarly for 3rd string G, G is open and A is 2nd fret 2nd finger. Why so? Why is A not first fret first finger.

    Same for D sting.. D open.. E is 2nd fret second finger.( why not 1st fret first finger)

    Can someone please help this confused soul..
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    dude .. u r all consideration is wrong...
    first of all u need to understand this that the notes are written in the form of tones and semitones. tones means the distance of one full fret and semitones means the next it goes like this..
    C + 1 fret = D
    D + 1 fret = E
    E + next fret = F
    F + 1 fret = G
    G + 1 fret = A
    A + 1 fret = B
    B + next fret = C
  3. mani_manu

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