Note to Note Roobaroo strumming pattern in staff

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  1. sandylawyer

    sandylawyer New Member

    hi guys, Checkout the strumming pattern for roobaroo and pls rate my transcribing skills.

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  2. ntinsane

    ntinsane New Member


    can u please tell me the strumming pattern in terms of up down strokes.
  3. sandylawyer

    sandylawyer New Member

    562 views but no reply

    hi guys
    it's sad that even after 562 views there is no reply to this thread.
    please feel free to comment.

    btw the strumming pattern in terms of strokes is
    * dd ddu dd ud * d ddu duu dudu *

    keep rocking
  4. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    I am not that sure but I think 90% of IGT community does not understand staff notation:think:

    So for many this thread might be just latin n greek.As is my case.
  5. ajitmat_24

    ajitmat_24 New Member

    Boy gud work. Born2tab got the point. Well ur audio helped me.
  6. prashant_tunes

    prashant_tunes New Member

    hey nice work. i heard the recording. First part is perfect. The second part seem a bit different. There are no up strokes specially in the end, may be theres a mistake in recording.
  7. sumit_j_patel

    sumit_j_patel New Member

    Excellent work

    Excellent work. I wish more people put out music this way in staff notation.
  8. Demon Guitarist

    Demon Guitarist New Member

    kool man, its nice. i think its perfect.
  9. IndianGuitarFor

    IndianGuitarFor New Member

    Thanks frnd.I will start practicing it.I really appreciate your work.
  10. Eyeinstyin

    Eyeinstyin New Member

    even i dont thnx neways
  11. mehtakrunal

    mehtakrunal New Member

    but ups and down with wat chord?????????????
  12. neyo_napster

    neyo_napster New Member

    awesome work dude!!! can u mail me your other work on tabs 2 my mail wud b o great help!!!
  13. sumeet911

    sumeet911 New Member

    Very nice work!

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