Not now, not today

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    This is one of a triology of poems tht i had written long back.

    Some day,
    maybe i'll learn to forgive,
    all those who have wronged me,
    n ridiculed me,
    for who i am and what i am,
    the 'loves' of my life,
    who thought i was merely a toy,
    to rip apart, from the heart n soul,
    the escence of my life,
    with such finese,
    that i looked like a fool.
    The genteel faces of cruelty,
    n the repining souls,
    who thought it their prime deed,
    to make my life a living dystopia.
    Even when i tried to eschew them,
    they came scampering in my life,
    tongues spewing venom,
    minds of the archenemy.

    Yes someday, i'll forgive and forget,
    some day,
    when the world is at peace,
    and fish walk with me,
    when justice is met with all the ardor,
    when we are appalled by our grotesque behaviour.
    'tis it seems to me,
    a long long time to come,
    when i forgive thee,
    n to your whims surrender,
    maybe, just maybe,
    when i am six feet under.
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    nice one , really nice .,..

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