Noori - Khalla tabs.

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  1. Quadrophenia

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    Song: Khalla
    Band: Noori
    Tabber: quad.
    Album:peeli Patti.


    intro is simple but the timing with all tabs is important.


    H*: hold the note.
    Mute: play the note but mute it straight after.
    final note: repeat the whole riff. couple of times.

    Main riff/Chords : E5 (022xxx) C5(X355XX) G5(355xxx)

    progression of the riff: E5,C5,G5,E5(mute) ..E5,C5,G5,E5(mute)..
    Basically start at E and end on E.

    Second Progression

    when he says: Ab nahin hai...
    D5,C5,E5 ...hum hain kahan E5,C5,G5
    then again
    D5,C5,E5 hum hain wahan E5 C5,G5

    back to first progression. at 1:21 solo D---9t--- alternate tremolo picking

    Yeh jaisay chaand taray..
    Single strums.
    D5..(hold) D5,D5, C5

    kahan tu (1:53)
    D5,C5,E5 hum hain wahan E5 C5,G5

    Bass Solo.
    Tum nay apnay ehsaas ko maar diya..
    Khalla hai.. khalla hai..

    Repeat Intro.
    repeat this progression till the end.
    D5,C5,E5 ... E5 C5,G5

    I'm not too sure about D5,C5,E5... E5 C5,G5 this progression.. but i'm sure about the intro and the main riff.. if someone else can try out these chords and tell me how they sound that would be great. :)
    any comments
    suggestions corrections what ever.. would be great.
    sorry i could work out the appreggios.. hope someon else will do that too. :)
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  2. manitrim

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    good work !
  3. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    thanx man..appreciate it.. :)
  4. the_batman

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    In the end of the intro, try it like this.


    Give it a shot.
  5. limaj_daas

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    i second batboy!

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