no search results!!!for pukaarta chala hoon main....plzz submit chords!!!

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  1. anuvrat

    anuvrat New Member

    frenz...plzz post the chords of the song
    "pukaarta chala hoon main"
    i have searched da forum but no result!!!
  2. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    found these...

    Bm A Bm
    pukarata chala hun main gali gali bahar ki

    D A Bm D
    bas ek chaaw zulf ki bas ek nigah pyar ki

    F# Bm
    pukarata chala hun main


    suni meri sada to kis yakeen se

    bahar ban ke aa gayi jameen pe

    rahi yahi lagan to aey dil-e-jawa

    F# Bm
    asar bhi ho rahega ik haseen pe

    Bm F# Bm
    pukarata chala hun main
  3. anuvrat

    anuvrat New Member

    thanx fer the chords...can u plzz help me wid strumming...plzzzz...
  4. subheet

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  5. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    I had posted it as a reply to some query long back
    If you search for Pukarta with a single A then maybe u would have found it

    Anyway here it is again

    pukarata chala hoon main

    gali gali bahar ki

    bas ek chhav zulf ki

    bas ek nigaah pyaar ki

    pukarata chala hoon main

    Cm------------------------- Notes G C Eb C (the Cm chord arpeggiated)
    ye dillagi ye shokhiya salaam ki

    --------Bb------------------- Notes F Bb D C# (almost Bb with the D note)
    yahi to baat ho rahi hai kaam ki

    koi to mudke dekh lega es taraf

    koi nazar to hogi mere naam ki
  6. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    i had also posted the TABS of the intro

    here it is again

    LINE 1

    E ----------------|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------|
    B ----------------|----------------|-------------4-4-|-3-3---3---------|----------|
    G ----------------|----------------|---------5-5-----|-----3---5-5---3-|----------|
    D -----------5-5--|--------5-5-3---|-3-3-6-6---------|-------------6---|-5-55-55--|
    A ----------------|-3-3-6-6------5-|-----------------|-----------------|----------|
    E --------------3-|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------|

    (OPTIONAL - my version plays it only once, maybe there is a different full version available)

    LINE 2 (Santoor actually, but can be played on guitar)
    starts in the last BAR of LINE 1 when played for the second time.

    E -------|---------------|---------------|--------------|---------|
    B ---4-3-|-4--Cm-----3-3-|-------------3-|-6------------|---------|
    G -------|---------5-----|-3--Bb---3-5---|----------3-5-|---------|
    D -5-----|---------------|---------------|--------6-----|-5--Cm---|
    A -------|---------------|---------------|--------------|---------|
    E -------|---------------|---------------|--------------|---------|

    LINE 3

    E -------|-----------------|-----------|
    B -------|-----------------|-----------|
    G -5-3-2-|-----------------|-----------|
    D -------|-6-5-6-5-6-5-----|-5-4-5-4-5-|
    A -------|-------------3-6-|-----------|
    E -------|-----------------|-----------|


    LINE 4

    E -------|----------------|--------------|
    B -------|----------------|--------------|
    G -------|----------------|--------------|
    D -5-3---|-3-5-3-----3----|--------------|
    A -----6-|-------5-6--6-5-|-33-3-33-3-Cm-|
    E -------|----------------|--------------|

    I strongly suggest that you go thru the entire thread that Madhura had started. It has some more GYAN for you guys...


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