No Medicine

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    hey gyz....I mgain here after a log time....I wrote dis in morning Reiview plz....

    No Medicine

    Happy in himself, stepping the ladder of his life

    Killing his loving things on the sharp edge of knife

    He learned to walk holding the right hand

    These hands need him now, stills waits for his pretend

    Love is in his heart for his dearest

    All this he could do if money suggest

    He is mah friend but still not getting how to

    All things he has in life gifted for loving too

    All of sudden a few honks I realize,

    My head banged twice or thrice

    Before I could open them,

    I was about to close my eyes

    At the end of this mortal coil, needed help even a little,

    My corpse was snatched, Testified, and sent to hospital

    Saviors faces were strange,

    Not found heart and brain,

    Mother board, processor and RAM,

    Spreaded power cables despite vain."
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    its sooo crude nd simpl...nd yet its own way... :):)
  3. nandy0894

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    nd very thotful tooo....
  4. avi.singh

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    thnx nandita

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