No indian guitar idols...?

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by sidthekid999, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. sidthekid999

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    I don't think there;s a single well-known indian rock guitarist. Isn't there any1 i can idolize like slash, page etc??? Not even a Santana???
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    coz guitar is not an Indian instrument.. we have Gods in sitar tabla sarod flute etc in India
  3. sidthekid999

    sidthekid999 New Member

    Didn't I mention Santana!!! Rock guitar isn't native to latin america, right??? Plenty of others too!!!

    What i'm saying is, there are no IDOLS!!! You can't say Pt. Ravi Shankar is cool. Or Zakir Hussain is the ultimate rockstar, and each time he plays every1 headbangs and all the girls flash their tits etc No youth music idols man!!! Except for crappy actors WHO DONT EVEN SING OR PLAY INSTRUMENTS!!!! GOD!!! DAMMIT !!!

    WHy is rock guitar cooler than tabla?!? Why is watching someone shred much cooler and much more interesting than watching a sitar player?? The main problem is, indian classical music is meant for middle-aged old people sitting relaxing in armchairs. Thats ok, ive got no prob with that, ill probably do the same someday, but it isn't exciting!!! Why isn't there something for the youth, the young, who are full of energy, vigour, enthusiasm, and who don't appreciate classical?? Why is bollywood the only outlet for that kind of stuff???

    This train of thought has led me to think that rock isn't meant for indians. Think of a typical western rockstar. Cool hair, clothes, and of course a english accent. No1 would like to listen to an accented indian accent. Lets face it, most of our favorite Maiden, GNR, Metallica, Kings of Leon songs wouldn't be as great if some indian had sung them. English isn't our natural language man!!! We can't sound the way the players we worship sound!!! If we try, it comes off as something much more worse than fake imitation. Our tongues aren't meant for those kind of songs, just as theirs isn't meant for singing hindi songs. IS THAT WHAT IS MEANT BY CULTURAL DIFFERENCES?!??!???

    That was the worst paragraph i've ever typed in my life. But , it still needs an answer. What if we don't like our culture? What if I don't have the capacity to appreciate the fifth raga, but i DO have the capacity to appreciate "sympathy for the devil" by rolling stones? Where does that leave me?? Am i cultureless? Am i some petty leech, rejecting my culture for that which isn't mine?? Should i ignore what I like, and try to like what i dislike???
    Thats bullshit, pure bullshit.

    But **** all that. Guitar doesn't have an accent. Voices may do, but a gibson SG doesn't. So back to my original question: Why no great well-known Indian rock guitarists?? Dont' tell me that they aren't technical or creative enough, or no1 wants to play anything but flute sitar tabla etc. I'm hard-pressed to find any friend my age who DOESN"T want to play guitar, who would rather play flute than guitar. Then why does everything drop off? Why does every1 remain amateurs, college bands??? Why do I have to get into college to get into a rock band??

    Last question: Im sure indian bands like indian ocean, them clones, etc make amazing songs, comparable to international standards in today's rock. THATS THE FRIGGIN THING!!! WE DONT LISTEN TO TODAYS ROCK MAN!! Who here likes kings of leon more than metallica??? ****, i dont even know any modern rock bands apart from greenday and kings of leon!??! Well guess what: metallica, maiden, zeppelin was in the 70s, 80s!! All my idols, my fave bands, all are from the 70s, 60s, 80s, 90s even. So have we missed out? Are we never going to get any amazing indian band who everyone genuinely wants to listen to because there weren't any during the 60s,70s,80s? Is there no chance left? I dont see any "great" american/british band emerging nowadays that matches the old favorites. Am i wrong, do i not listen to enough music? If im not wrong, then there wont ever be any legendary rock bands of our time, neither western nor indian. Is that the final answer???? IS EVERYTHING DEAD AND GONE TO HELL?!?!!?>
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    why do u have to think so much ??? music is meant to bring peace in ur life not vice versa.. play wat you love ..listen wat you admire.. why do you need Gods around you.. we all are chill and concentrate on your playing..
  5. sidthekid999

    sidthekid999 New Member

    46 edr t5 777umn7nr
  6. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    in that case go for IIT thing.. i can assure u that u'll get enough time to pursue ur music interest even in college..
    btw have you performed anywhere till date.. in case u're very good at guitaring already and can improvise pretty well.. u can give IIT a skip.. but if u're planning to start now.. then it'll include a very high risk factor..
  7. sidthekid999

    sidthekid999 New Member

    yup, obviously there;s good music and musicians in colleges like IIT.... like sutta song, that was made by an IIT band right...
    But thats my question man - friggin why??? Awwwwwwww goddammit sutta made by a bunch of engineers who have a interest in music.............. its pretty funny on thinking about it ...... study hard for two years to beat one billion people for admission into the top college of india.......... then make songs which don't require being in college!!!! LOL its funny and sad at the same time way dude ive never performed or anythin im below 18 barely been in a band
    long way for me to go in guitar
    give IIT a skip? you talk as if IIT is an open option..... only some superhuman prodigy could be an amazing guitarist and at the same time spend so much time preparing for IIT. i cant do both i don't think a lot of ppl can i certainly cant

    my main problem is this man, people say you hav2 be in college to get in2 a rock band. well, then ill have to spend time studyng for college wouldnt i?!? less time n focus on practising my instrument and ofcourse my original motivation would probably decline if im focused on something other than music for two whole years....... what a weird ****ed up person id be if my main aim for getting into a good college was so that i could get into a good rock band...... (sob)
  8. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    sutta was made by a paki band zeest...
    and its ur wish ur life and ur decision .. wat u're best at.. decide it with no ifs and buts.. then go for it..
    fcuk the rest.. All the best !!!
  9. sidthekid999

    sidthekid999 New Member

  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Sidthekid, you need to visit IIT to know how many guitar players are there.
    But as rightly said - it is confined to hobby only.

    Some ppl like Guitar Prasanna do take the hobby seriously, and pursue it.
  11. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    You don't like Kings of Leon because you're no different from your "older generation" who likes their "old and boring music" - you don't listen to the changing trends in music with an open mind.
  12. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    ^ +1 to that.. we are not ready to grow up .
  13. spydra

    spydra New Member

    Not to burst anyone's bubble about the talent that Zeest probably have but the sutta song was a parody on a popular 80's song - Angel is a centerfold.

    and I really have nothing to say on this topic that I haven't ever said before.
  14. sidthekid999

    sidthekid999 New Member

    wow...i cant believe it my favorite indian song ever written was a ripoff ... its funny and sad at the same time

    well ssandra i cant read what uve said b4 so if ud care to repeat it or giv a link or something
  15. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    @spy: OMG ... dude i dint knew that.. thnx for sharing the link
  16. spydra

    spydra New Member

    To burst your bubble a little more, it wasn't even an Indian song (I think Zeest is a Pakistani band?)

    If you're looking at your generic rock guitarist with melodies to idolize, I strongly recommend Warren Mendosa.

    He used to be in a band called Zero which had some songs you'll probably like. Check out Lucy or Cat in the Fiddle.
  17. spydra

    spydra New Member

    Please spread the word. I've had enough of this song. God knows the original wasn't good either.

    Also, you really don't call a song like this a rip-off. It's a parody. There is a difference.
  18. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    ^to further tht, zeest's other one was'nt tht good either..
    does disappoint us..
  19. spydra

    spydra New Member

  20. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    can u tell the name of song.. cant access youtube from office :(

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