Ninnu Kori Varnam notes

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  1. LakshmananPL

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    Anyone please provide the numerical notes for Ninnu Kori Varnam a famous Ilayaraja song.. tamil/telugu.

  2. v.raghura87

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    Tabs & chords request


    I request the tabs & chords for the song "ninnukori varanam" from agni natchatthiram

    Video :




  3. venukailash

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    This songs full on D. Quite complex as chords and bass go together. this song may be taken as an example for advanced bassing..
    This may sound good.

    Ninnukori Varnam - Agni Natchathiram
    Credits: To the uploader of the above link.
  4. SATHYA167

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    Chords are no doubt complicated in this song - It is a musical masterpiece. But the song is a pure classical based one - set in ragam Mohanam, which is exactly the major pentatonic scale notes in western music. In this case, the song is in D Major pentatonic scale notes, namely D E F# A B. So one can manipulate these 5 notes to play this song.................. Sathya
  5. Sathya Sir,
    I am able to play the pallavi, but am stuck at "azhagiya raghuvarane...." part.
    Even notes in DEF/Sariga format will do.
  6. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    This is a good song - A classic example of using the basic carnatic lesson to deliver a filmi hit. I understand that this varnam is taught to the carnatic beginners.

    I like the picturisation of this song as well. Maniratnam known for his cost cut on lightman's wages, has used 10% lighting effect on this song - It is nice to watch this song video.

    Coming to the question, please try s r2 g3 r2 for azhagiya and g3 p d2 R2 S for raghuvaranae. I will also soon post the complete tabs for this lovely number. Let the weather heats up here......... Sathya
  7. Thank you sir...
    I too used actually the same notes, but the S in the last part of raghuvaranae is where i was stuck.
    Am looking forward to your notes to compare and see how well my sense of tabbing has developed :)

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