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  1. omg

    omg New Member

    Hello forum members.
    Am keen in learning Guitar and would like to buy an acoustic guitar between a range of Rs.3000 to Rs.4500.
    I stay in Mumbai and i have heard about shops like Furtados & Bhargavas. Are they the best place to buy a guitar or there are any other shops.

    Which company's guitar should be purchased and would be best.
    Are the guitars already tuned up when we purchase it.
    Waiting for a reply.
    Thanking all members.
  2. felix.ragav

    felix.ragav New Member

    Hey Buddy,

    I am New too .... I Am Plannin to Purchase a Granada Or a Pluto Acoustic Since these sit very well within my budget (3k) .... You Can Try these Out:

    Granada Classical PRC-10 ---------- Rs 2575
    Granada Classical MXC-093 -------- Rs 2825
    Granada Acoustic MXD-010 -------- Rs 3425

    These are from furatdos catlogue on this forum ..... You Get a T-shirt and Case free on purchase of the guitars .....

    Beside those You Will Also Need :

    Jim Dunlop Plectra/Picks(However you wish to call them) : Ranging from Rs 10-16(per pick)
    Extra Set Of Strings : Prices Ranging from Rs 75-110 for Beginner's Stuff
    Guitar Polish and Cleaner Dunlop brand : Rs 135
    Tuner (Digital If Ya Have the cash..Otherwise a Pitch Pipe Would Do...) .... Digital is rs 500 somewhere on the net .... pitchpipes cost Rs 150

    If Possible Get Some Stuff Like Guitar Tablature Etc to practice with....

  3. felix.ragav

    felix.ragav New Member

    Check Out :
    Change xx to tt
    Digital Tuner at 500 bucks......since the guys who run the site are in mumbai you can pick things up from them saving on shipping.......

  4. omg

    omg New Member

    Thank You for the info buddy. So is it better to buy from Furtados or Bhargavas ??
    one more question does Granada Acoustic MXD-010 comes in black ?
    or it has a natural color.
  5. felix.ragav

    felix.ragav New Member


    1.Furtados Or Bahrgava ............. Ask Guitarists from Mumbai ...... Am From Chennai ........ As far as these shops are concerned both of them must be good as i have seen threads where ppl buy from furatdos as well as Bhargavas ............

    2. Mxd 010 comes only in Natural (atleast thats what the furtados catalogue says ..)

    Download the catalogue off this link :

    Also try the Gear talk section in this forum for help.Check out the sticky threads in that section.


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