New York Nagaram strumming pattern

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  1. rockychh

    rockychh New Member

    Hi people
    i have uploaded 2 files ..both for strumming pattern of New York nagaram
    Singalong version
    Original version

    i ahve played both of them slowly.

    the singalong version is a simpler version of the strumming..but i think this is how it was played originally and then delay effect was given to that masterfully to make it sound so awesome....

    the original what it exactly sounds when u paly the orignal new york nagaram song and if u pan left u can hear one strumming pattern and if u pan right u can hear the other strumming pattern...this version is like playing 2 guitars clean with no effects and together getting the same outut as the orignal strumming....

    hope this is helpful

  2. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    really helpful!!!! nice post dude! but how did u achieve the two guitar effect?? were there actually two guitars playin or u played em separately and mixed em???
  3. krishnaG

    krishnaG New Member

    i heard your new york cover..its amazing....can you give me the strumming pattern plz....
    is it something like DUD DUD DU ??????
  4. rockychh

    rockychh New Member

    if ur talking abt the strumming file, then its 2 layers i have mixed.i have played both the tracks and mixed them

    as for the version where i have sung, that has only single guitar with an echo.
    the echo is on one channel only so that i can get the sound closer to the origianl first beat on left channel the next on right channel then back agin on left...getting that alternating sound..

    but the origianl is simply mindlblowing dunno how that uy has dsone it
  5. rockychh

    rockychh New Member

    dude the first thread of the post has 2 links which is for the strumming pattern..i have played it slowly so just listen n play and ull do fine
  6. krishnaG

    krishnaG New Member

    thanks rocky
  7. vinoth_007

    vinoth_007 New Member


    Heyz..i guess this is the pattern
    D UD D UD DD for each of the chord...
  8. krishnaG

    krishnaG New Member

    thanks vinoth, i ll try it out later today...
  9. naveenchandragc

    naveenchandragc New Member

    hello rocky, thanx for the song, heard the vocals seems very near to original. keep it up. hey i wanna know one more thing dude. How do you record these stuff's. would you mind revealing what all you make use of....
  10. rockychh

    rockychh New Member

    its been such a long time since ive logged on to IGT
    need to come here more often

    anwyays sorry for the late reply

    Recording gear: Collar Mic used for skyping
    Software: Adobe Audition 1.0 or Cool edit Pro (adobe bought it nad renamed it to audition)
    multilayered audio recording can be done to have guitar on separate layer and vocals on separate layers...
    guitar riff was recorded and played as a loop
    and then vocals were added
    mixing and adding effects can all be done in same software

    once u get the hang of it,u can sing and play simultaneously...took me abt a week to do that...
    then if u have a dual mic support u can attach one mic to the guitar and have one for singing...

    nice thing to have would be couple of Mics (Shure SM58s are nice)
    with a 2 input Pre-amplifier for the Mics
    a soundcard meant for sound recording and processing like a Creative E-MU card
    and ofcourse the right cables :p
    and a room with no people in it to ruin your recording...hehe
    although it is very funny when u have lot of spoilt recordings because suddenly your brother decides to swear at you bcos u have been playing thhe same thing again and again hehe

  11. appu_k10

    appu_k10 New Member

    nice one bro!!! can i know wat chords are u using???

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