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    I tried my level best to make it clear; u guys will have to concenterate on it especially on the figure.

    To play the chord, use the fingering pattern below.
    The numbers indicate which fret to play on the string.
    'x' means the string is not played.
    'O' means the string is played, without being fretted.
    The strings are in this order: E,A,D,G,B,E

    "O|" repreesents the position of your fingers

    For example, if we take the 1st chord:

    A: X02220

    We would play it like this:


    Well here r the following tabs:

    A X02220
    Am X02210
    A7 X02020
    Am7 X02010
    Asus2 X02200
    Asus4 X02230
    A7sus4 X02030
    A6 X02222
    Am6 X02212
    Amaj7 X02120
    Adim XX1212
    A+ XX3221
    A5 57XXXX
    A13 X03033
    A# X13331
    A#m X13321
    A#7 X13131
    A#m7 X13121
    A#sus2 X13311
    A#sus4 X13341
    A#6 X13333
    A#m6 X13323
    A#maj7 X13231
    A#dim XX2323
    A#+ XX4332
    A#5 X13XXX

    B X24442
    Bm X24432
    B7 X21202
    Bm7 X24232
    Bsus2 X24422
    Bsus4 X24400
    B6 X24444
    Bm6 X24434
    Bmaj7 X24342
    Bdim XX3434
    B+ XX5443
    B5 X24XXX
    B9 X21222

    C X32010
    Cm X35543
    C7 X32310
    Cm7 X35343
    Csus2 X35533
    Csus4 X35563
    C6 X35555
    Cm6 X35545
    Cmaj7 X32000
    Cdim XX1212
    C+ XX6554
    C5 X35XXX
    C9 X32333
    C# X46664
    C#m X46654
    C#7 X46464
    C#m7 X46454
    C#sus2 X46644
    C#sus4 X46674
    C#6 X46666
    C#m6 X46656
    C#maj7 X46564
    C#dim XX2323
    C#+ XX3221
    C#5 X46XXX
    C#9 43444

    D XX0232
    Dm XX0231
    D7 XX0212
    Dm7 XX0211
    Dsus2 XX0230
    Dsus4 XX0233
    D6 XX0202
    Dm6 XX0201
    Dmaj7 XX0222
    Ddim XX3434
    D+ XX4332
    D5 X57XXX
    D9 X54555
    D# X65343
    D#m XX4342
    D#7 XX1323
    D#m7 XX1322
    D#sus2 X57755
    D#sus4 X57785
    D#6 XX1313
    D#m6 XX1312
    D#maj7 XX1333
    D#dim XX1212
    D#+ XX5443
    D#5 XX13XX
    D#9 X65666

    E 022100
    Em 022000
    E7 020100
    Em7 022030
    Esus4 022200
    E7sus4 020200
    E6 022120
    Em6 022020
    Emaj7 021100
    Edim XX2323
    E+ XX6554
    E5 02XXXX
    E13 020120

    F 133211
    Fm 133111
    F7 131211
    Fm7 131111
    Fsus4 133311
    F6 133231
    Fm6 133131
    Fmaj7 132211
    Fdim XX3434
    F+ XX3221
    F5 13XXXX
    F# 244322
    F#m 244222
    F#7 242322
    F#m7 242222
    F#sus4 244422
    F#6 244342
    F#m6 244242
    F#maj7 243322
    F#dim XX1212
    F#+ XX4332
    F#5 24XXXX

    G 320003
    Gm 355333
    G7 320001
    Gm7 353333
    Gsus4 320013
    G6 320000
    Gm6 355353
    Gmaj7 320002
    Gdim XX2323
    G+ XX5443
    G5 35XXXX
    G6/9 XX2233
    G# 466544
    G#m 466444
    G#7 464544
    G#m7 464444
    G#sus4 466644
    G#6 466564
    G#m6 466464
    G#maj7 465544
    G#dim XX3434
    G#+ XX6554
    G#5 46XXXX

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    The figure is made on the notepad so PLZ open it in the notepad ! :eek:
  3. satriani

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    thanks for da chords......can u plz tell me the difference between chords and scaling......i mean v can play any song on chords so y do v play songs by scales ????? i know this is stupid but i still wanna know it ! :eek:
  4. scot_hacker

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    Chords and Scales


    Chords and Scales are totally different. You can say chords are contained in scales, as are notes. A scale is simply a collection of notes. It does not specify how you play them or whether you do play them at all. A chord tells you to play some notes together. So if you play C, E, G you get what is a major chord in C. But if you talk about the Major scale of C it is just a set of notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Likewise for other scales and chords different notes may appear in the scale (and hence in the chords).

    Chords are usually (99.999%) played by taking particular notes from the scale (depending upon the chord you want). e.g. 1st, 3rd, 5th to form the major chord.
  5. satriani

    satriani run in veins

    aaahhhh ! thats much better thanks bro !
  6. Taj

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    welcome satriani,
    sorry couldn't answer your question, came after a long time
    i hope scot made it clear to u
  7. scot_hacker

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  8. thnx dude ;0
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    @Taj, nice chord chart
    @Scot, why the "bro" thing? You a girl?
  10. Taj

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    somethin wrong dude ? :cool:

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