New guitar company from the founder of Kramer guitars

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by abhijitnath, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

  2. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    hmm...nice idea's but I aint fond of weird shapes , found a Flying VEE impossible to play while sitting down . STRAT SHAPED RULE !

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    ^^^^^^^^^who told u tht man??? v is more easy 2 play dat strat. i m sayin dis coz i own guitrs of both shapes. on v's, u gotta sit like classical players, where wrist moves more quickly.
  4. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    i tried out a V today and it kept on slipping down my thigs ..... :think:
  5. deathdr_87

    deathdr_87 Awesome Guitarist

    i think te guitar looks really ugly. i'd never use it.

    its got some good ideas though
  6. sridhar11_2

    sridhar11_2 Instrumental guitarist

    Looks ok, probably is world class quality. It's a nice guitar to have in your collection though.
  7. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Ugliness in guitars is something that i cannot tolerate, that's why when i see those parker mojo guitars my face screws up in pain......i mean, i understand and appreciate the work done on these "wonderful" instruments but why do you wanna make them look a *******
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Beware: Ronnieanand owns one Parker.
    and I like the look of 'em.
    and what do u not like in them?

    This GARYKRAMER one looks ok, not at all asthetic though, it doesn't make the guitar seem long or menacing etc.
    Infact I think the design somehow makes it look like a banjo.

    It doesnt have a waist, so that u can settle it on your lap. :p

    Guitar should either try to look sharp or rounded.
    I am afraid this one looks as if it has not decided which team to join.

    So this one fails to get any points.
  9. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    I didn't post it for the looks. I posted it because it has some interesting new design as well as electronics ideas, which I see most people failed to read.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I did fail.

    b.t.w. whats so special about them?
    I can find only the tuners are special.

    Gold hardware? thats again a gimmick.
    If it refers to electricals then: Silver is better conductor of electricity as well as heat (better than gold or copper). and it doesnt corrode (neither does gold and copper).

    If it is just the looks. Well I dont find find anything special in putting 24K gold as bridge or frets. (Considering the fact that gold is the softest - most ductile and malleable metal on earth)

  11. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    The volume + passive EQ knob
    The variable coil split switch
  12. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Mentioned where?

    Thats a nice thing. Usually you always have to GET it done by yourself.
  13. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    There's a clickable pic that says the Stealth methodology or some such on the right that takes you through all the features in a gallery.
  14. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I am a moron

  15. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    Loved the stealth concept design
  16. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Welcome.. Now you know why I like Strat Shapes.
  17. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

  18. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    probably thats why you have Les Paul custom.

    Or is it that you hold Slash in awe.

    *wondering, rubbing chin*
  19. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    Incidentally there IS a way to have upper fret access even with a LP which is used by boutique singlecut bass makers like Benavente and guitar makers like abyss.

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  20. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    The idea is good and has a lot of seemingly convincing features. About Guitars, nothing is good until it really Sound Good.

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