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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by jusmail, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. jusmail

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    I haven't tried this yet but it looks great! Apparently Microsoft
    released DOS to the public domain and someone "fixed" it.

    For those of you that wish DOS wasn't dead, look at:

    Here's what MS-DOS 7.1 reportedly does:
    What's new in MS-DOS 7.10 since MS-DOS 6.x?

    There are many enhancements, new features and bugfixes in MS-DOS 7.10
    since MS-DOS 6.x. For example:

    * FAT32 and FAT32X drives support (*very* important nowadays)
    * Extended FAT16 (a.k.a. FAT16X, type 0E, usually being the primary
    partition) drives support * Large hard disk and LBA ExtendedX (Int
    13x) partition (type 0F) support (*very* important nowadays) * Long
    File Names (LFN) support * Full Y2K (Year 2000) compliant and supports
    4-digit years (e.g. DIR /4) * Large memory (>64MB) and XXMS 3.0
    support * Euro sign support (Code Page 850, Right Alt+5) * The
    protection that keeps the stability of DOS * Efficient use of UMB
    memory (The DOS kernel and COMMAND.COM are loaded high automatically)
    * Extended commands in CONFIG.SYS to use UMB memory, such as
    FILESHIGH, BUFFERSHIGH * Environments variables can be used in the DOS
    command line directly, e.g. ECHO %PATH% * The maximum length for path
    variable is expanded * Some new commands added, such as ACCDATE,
    LOGO(in CONFIG.SYS) * Volume LOCK/UNLOCK feature added to protect data
    and LFN on the (hard) disks * EDIT can be used to edit both text and
    binary files and multiple files * REN can rename a directory as well
    as files * The locations of DOS system files (especially IO.SYS) are
    much more flexible * Dual-boot with older versions of MS-DOS (e.g. DOS
    6.x) feature added * Animated startup logo support by using a custom
    LOGO.SYS file * You can decide whether to execute a command using
    Enter/ESC key now while using the step-by-step feature * Support for
    loading Win9x GUI (including all versions from Win95/95A to Win98SE
    GUI) on top added * Many undocumented but useful options and switches
    added, such as COMMAND /Z * Updated and newer versions of DOS commands
    and tools included, such as MORE, MSCDEX, MSD * And many more...
  2. abhay_saxena

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    i don't think that can compare with thel linux shell
  3. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    @abhay... okay linux wins from dos :p:

    hmmm.. lemme try dos now..
  4. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    you won't like it going down from windows to dos . .. most home users don't like it .. . its not suited for home users

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