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  1. well sorry the other one closed too earlier
    this one a rather tougher one
    so u guys u got to find the tabs of the following songs :
    1.zindagi seksafar hein suhana (rajesh khana movie) :cool:
    2.chookar mere maan ko(kishore kumar song from film yarana i think)# :cool:

    this time as jayswami suggested u wil b allowed to start as u want ie with the string u want so newbies thats a real challenge

    so to newbies u can start sending ur tabs n each correct tab wil score initially 200 points
    the best 2tabs ie 1 for first song n 1 for the secong song will b awarded 3000points
    so guys start ur tabbinmgs NOW N WIN POINTS :rockon:
  2. competition will close at the end of this month ie last date 31st jan n i will consider the public opinion abt ur tabs to reward n also wil try them
    so guys when try their tabs n give ur opinions also thnx
  3. rockboyteek

    rockboyteek New Member

    help plzzz

    how long does the tabbing have to be?
  4. rizwan

    rizwan New Member

    here is wht i and till how far i got.and i think tht is gud enough or isint it ?

    zindagi,ik safar

    hai suhana

    yahaan kal,kya ho kis ne jana

    thts how far i got,and in the last lin (kya ho kis ne jana) between 10 and 8 and 7 its slow but after tht 7 and 8 and 7 and 5 is faster and thts y i put single (-) between those.

    i hope i got right.
  5. rizwan

    rizwan New Member

    can someone gimme any link or sumthin where i can listen then other song chooker mere man ko of kishore kumar's movie.i havent listen tht and i have o idea.
  6. rizwan

    rizwan New Member

    yaar at least ye to batao main sahih hoon ya galat ?koi reply to kerlo bhai.
  7. @rizwaan the lenghth u gave wil b enough but i would have like if u added two more lines coz for a competition it does not seem too ok only a few lines
    since i have changed the rule n ur tabs seems ok u will b awarded ur initial 100 points(coz a bit short)
    so the other newbies thry to get one better comeone guys give a try
    @rockboy teek n others u have to tabs the following lines
    zindagi ek safar hein suhana yaha kal kya ho kis neh jaana
    raaste yahe ke ...............
    i dont know the lyrics but the lines for raste yaha p goozar i think till it comes back yahakar kya ho kis ne jaana
    same for the other song it has to b long enough coz guys 3000points r at stake
    ok @ all so now u know limits n lenghts so try n win
  8. @rizwaan well for a first attempt was a nice one try to get the other part also dude good work for a newbie
  9. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    ^^ nice going tgf !!

    @ rizwaan , i think not bad for a start ,... and aah if you need any tabs / chords from new song , its better you open a new thread requesting for the song , you would get better response for sure ... nws enjoy ur self at IGT ...
  10. @all well newbies i wont b around too often coz of xams till june 2005 :eek:: :mad: :cen: so i have given the judging n points awarding part (lolz) :rockon:
    to bob bobby :beer: hope u enjoy IGT
    bye c u in june guys ;) ..........
  11. strings

    strings New Member

    competition songs tabs

    Here is for the competition.
    Here is the complete tabs for the songs.
    hey i am sure this ones right and at the same pitch of the original song
    except for chu kar mere man ko i have written tabs from remix version by kalakaar. so judge accordingly, its in same pitch...


    1) chu kar mere man ko
    This is the first line
    Chu kar / mere man ko / kya kiya tune ishara
    D -6-6---------4---2---1---4-------------1---1--2---4---6---2-

    A -----------------------------2---4---------------------------​

    Bad la sara mausam ………..jag sara….
    G --4-4-------------2---1---2---6-------8---8---6----8---9---9

    middle part of the song (dont know the lyrics)

    G ---------------------1--2--4--6-6--8--9--4--6--4--2--1--2---4---

    D 6--7--6--4- 2---1--6---------------------------------

    badla sara mausam badle sara zamana
    G -4-4---2---1---2---6---8---8---6----8---9---9-----
    again continue the same

    2) Zindagi ek safar hei suhana

    Zindagi / ek safar / hei suhana …………………………………an
    D 6--5--3--6--5--3---3--5--6---8---6--8--10---8--6--8----6--5--1--3-

    chand taro se ….. aasmano se badna hai aage……..
    G 5-10--6--5--5--6--5--3---5------5-10--6--5--5--6--5--3---5-

    peeche rehjayen ga………………………………………
    D 6--5--3---6--5--3---3--5--6--8---6--8--10---8--6--8---6--5--1--3

  12. @all its bobby which wil take over the competition ie decide
    me back after six months of hardwork in june bye i tried it sounds good .......
  13. its4ashish

    its4ashish New Member

    Its really very good
  14. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    nice one pranay !! sending you some dough !! enjoy and keep rocking :rockon:
  15. strings

    strings New Member

    hey thanx mod!!!!
    waiting for more
    bye Folks!!
    Pranay A. Vyas
  16. hey mods this is a very nice competition for newbies. I would try out myself and will soon come with my tabs
  17. @junoon i thouhgt that it would b best way to encourage newbies to do some own tabbings n get used to music
  18. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    sure junoon , u shd participate !!!

    tgf - nice thread !@!
  19. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member

    hey bobby,

    i am a newbe here and was thinking about this compi.. and one thing popped in my head..if all newbes tried to do it.. its easy to copy and paste or it might happn that what tabs i got someone might have allready posted them in the thread.(that kinda dissapoints someone us). i was thinking how about it if all those who want to participate in the comp mail them to you or who ever is in charge and once they r reviewed then can be posted here so that there is no chance of copying or comming up with same tabs. the whole objective is for people like us to learn how to tab...its just a thought..

  20. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    why would one cheat to win points??
    in the end what will u do with points? :p:
    buy a house?


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