Nenjukul Peididum Intro Guitar Lead

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  1. lprassanth

    lprassanth New Member

    Hope this helps!

    Try it on the 3rd string (G)



    Second line, last part, u need to bend the string...
  2. arvinddownload

    arvinddownload New Member

    hi prassanth

    I am new to playing the guitar... I do not know to read these notes

    Can you please tell me which fret to hold and what is the timing(4 count, 2 count, 1 count) at each fret

    Thanks in advance
  3. jags selvam

    jags selvam New Member

    help me to read the notes

    i just started learning guitar. can anybody explain the above notes?? what does the / mean? sliding?? plz help.

    Deepthee (a)Jags.
  4. suresh3v

    suresh3v New Member

    Please visite the below website and get complete information about guitar and notes reading.

    This site contains very much lession abuot guiter music
  5. Shaan Nix

    Shaan Nix New Member

    pls post the chords
  6. janasinbox

    janasinbox New Member

    Chords for Nenjikkul peidhidum...
    Asus2 (x2) | E | C#m | D | E
    For Om Shanthi - B/A | E

    Strumming vv^v^vv^v^vv^
  7. balasubu117

    balasubu117 New Member

    thanks lar for ur post

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