Neele neele ambar [Vocal melody + chords]

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  1. killer_instinct

    killer_instinct New Member


    Vocal melody : [p=pull] [h=hammer] [s=slide]

    G--------------------------------------------- Twice [X2]


    Chords : Very commonly found. Em, D, C.

    SlayeR RuleZ.
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  2. its4ashish

    its4ashish New Member

    Its very tough to play
  3. Kobain

    Kobain New Member

    hey can u enlighten me about hammers and pulls...i m totally out at sea wen i see the notations containing them...its a request to every 1 and ne one...
  4. Edatharam

    Edatharam New Member

    Difficult to get Hammerons and pulloffs on an acoustic guitar.
    However nice post
  5. 6tringer

    6tringer New Member

    Hey Kobain... Hammerons and Pulloffs are no big deal.. they just need some practise...

    suppose you see 7h10, what it means is you pick the 7th fret and then press the 10th fret after that.. note while you press the 10th fret, you shouldnt pick it again.. you should press on the 10th while the 7th is still sounding... so then the 10 starts sounding....

    pull offs are just the reverse of it... 10p7 implies... keep both 7 and 10 pressed.. pick the string.. this would sound the 10th fret.. and then remove finger from the 10th fret while it is still sounding... this will then sound the 7th fret...

    go.. getem...
  6. rockboyteek

    rockboyteek New Member

    Cool Tabs

    hey killer really wanted these tabs thanks :beer:
  7. arbab1

    arbab1 New Member

    hi 6tringer......there is a prob in hammers & pull off....let say in hammers 7h9 if v pick 7th fret n den press 10th it dosent sound
    n so in pulloff like....10p7 if v leave 10 fret it doesnt sound
    wat can i do now....plz any 1 clear it 2 me
  8. strings

    strings New Member

    i have not checked the tabs but the chords are wrong... they are for the middle verse Dm c a# a
    and for neele neele ambar they are c asus
  9. darkblade3

    darkblade3 New Member

    Nice one dude..simple and with tune...gr8 work
  10. rmajor

    rmajor New Member

    Good Job 6stringer

    It really feels good to see someone helping the learners in such a kind manner. Keep UP the good work dear.
  11. Harshalh

    Harshalh New Member

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