Need urgent help on electric guitar models

Discussion in 'Guitar Tablature Discussion' started by paragajg, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. paragajg

    paragajg New Member

    Hello All

    I'm planing to buy an electric guitar and need some serious feedback on following models -

    1) ESP LTD EC 400 / pick ups - SD JB59 set
    2) Greg Bennett AV6 (but will replace stock pick ups with EMG 85/81 pickups)
    3) Cort X-TH (Neck-thru with EMG 85/81 as stock pick ups).
    4) Any other guitar you guys would like to suggest.

    My budget - Rs. 35,000 - 40,000. Playing style - classic rock / metal. I do not need a beginner's guitar so I'm ok to stretch my budget to Rs. 44,000 as well.

    Recently I have tried Cort X-TH in London and still could not believe that such a loaded guitar is quite cheap in India(Rs. 31,000) which cost around 670GBP here. I did fell in love with Shecter Hellraiser which is affordable in London but costs whooping Rs.65000 in India so that's out of question. Now I'm damn confused so kindly help.

  2. aviral1990

    aviral1990 New Member

    wow..i will plan to buy a costly one after atleast 2 years lol...doing ok with a AXL guitar for now :)

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