need to know more about scales!!

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    Hello all,
    I started learning guitar 2 months ago. i attended the guitar classes for about a month in the summer vacations. as i had to return back to college, i had to discntinue the guitar classes.
    I m new to this music stuff but i m loving it.. i have basic knowledge of scales.. major, minor, diminished, pentatonic..

    for now, i just practice scales and finger exercises.. i tried to tab out our national anthem "Jana gana man" and i dont know how but i made the tabs myself..i just tried "sa re ga ma pa" stuff on and eventually got that tune.. now wat i wanna know is that what other stuff should i practice now? i mean if someone here could help me with some vigorous finger exercises...

    and i wud also like to know more about scales so that i cud go one step further..??

    and yeah if someone cud suggest me some easy songs(only from major scale for now) so that i can tab them myself(like i did for The National Help)?

    This is my first post here.. Hope u guys help me..!! Thanx!!

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