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  1. adeelsiddiqui

    adeelsiddiqui New Member

    hi guys,
    i need some help regarding strumming pattern.i am trying really hard to play but what it seems to me that all my songs that i play sound the same,my mates make fun of me that your songs sounds the same.i am really getting frustrated and i hope some one of you will help me.
    give me some tips.
  2. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    been there..and it is hard. If you've just picked up the guitar then i'd suggest getting the changes between chords right first.try concentrating on that first,be able to change without looking once u're really comfortable with the changes start noticing different strum patterns from songs.
    Also, another way is to listen to different drumming patterns,anything with beats and try replicating that on the guitar.
    once u're done with that keep your hand loose, as if u're shaking your hand with someone, and then strum ..keep experimenting with different patterns, they're no set rules in music and being able to create a different version of the same song is quite magnificient.(which is in the audible range!)
    a final tip search google for strum patterns.for that matter search IGT i do remember ppl having pretty much the same problem.
    i do distinctly remember searching thru google and getting a page which played the sound and showed me the pattern as well.
    i use havea look there
    good luck and dont get disheartened. :rockon:
  3. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    hey mate this aint the rite title for this thread.... use REQ Help for strumming pattern........and also this cud go in the bigginers tips forum cudnt it?
  4. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    use tapping Technique.....

    U-D-U-D..... Tapping with Foot
    and try diffenret strumming techniques

    e.g Udd udd udd
    Dud dud dud ud
  5. adeelsiddiqui

    adeelsiddiqui New Member

    hey guys,
    thanks for the prompt reply,
    i will try to follow the pattern.
    i am comfrotable with the chords change but my only problem is strumming pattern.
    i can follow only dudududud and if i try to follow other patterns then i just loose my grip on the song and thats make me pissed.
    any ways i will try to follow the tips i have just got from you guys.
    i took some lessons from gorra tutor and i tell you they were really expensive but he didnt give me any tips so i left his class.

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